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Sizes, Shapes and Colors

Sizes, Shapes and Colors

Most things in this world come in many sizes, shapes and colors. Yes they can be all so very different, yet similar in many ways serving many of the same purposes. To the naked eye their differences are more visible than the same purposes they serve. People are the same; we come in many different sizes, shapes and colors but we are all equipped with a heart, mind and soul. How we serve our purpose in this world using those three things determines how we’re viewed by the rest of the world. Some of the most beautiful people do the ugliest things and many of the outwardly least attractive people have the most beautiful hearts and minds sharing their souls with the world. Allow that unique beauty you possess to shine through… give the world ample reason and opportunity to champion you for the greatness you hold.


2 thoughts on “Sizes, Shapes and Colors

    • Thank you Mr. Robinson; your blog has made me smile and even laugh out loud. I really am enjoying your photo blog,. Please, keep ’em coming friend.

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