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Once Bitten Twice Shy

Once Bitten Twice Shy

“Once bitten, twice shy.” We’ve all dealt with young heartbreak, mine happened when I was fifteen. After that experience I became quite guarded with my heart. No, I didn’t date less; I dated more… much more. Vowing to never allow a girl to have my heart again, I had several “girlfriends” at different schools and also many willing physical partners due to my high school clout as a stellar athlete. Ah the flesh, much of it I caressed on through my college years and into my early twenties. Many a good girl and suitable mate were hurt or even left heartbroken due to my irresponsible behavior. I lost much as well, my college career, employment and relationships I truly valued, in my own dysfunctional way. We undoubtedly will all experience heartache sometime or another in life but how we deal with it is the key. I was a child so I behaved the way a child does, hurting to avoid being hurt. “Once bitten twice shy.”

Not until I opened my heart to love and began to trust again, loving unconditionally, did I find true happiness. I thank God daily for the love HE has placed in my life as I as I look up to the sky. Learning to love made me a man, leaving behind the boy who once was… “Once bitten twice shy.”


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