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Grateful to be Heard

Grateful to be Heard

I want to thank you all for lending me your ear, allowing me an opportunity to express many views, morals, opinions and beliefs. I believe this is my God given gift to share with the world so I will never be parsimonious with it. If there is always someone willing to publish, I will always have a story ready to be published. I will remain extremely active in this; there’s not a complacent bone in my body. I feel like I’m constantly racing the clock so when I finish writing this, I’m going to write something else. I hope that the new story always moves more than the last. My aim is to first educate and secondly to entertain. I will always treat you like family so come on in here and get you something to eat. This dish I’m serving is intellectual stimulation and I believe in serving seconds. Eat up! Then go home and regurgitate it to your baby birds. I believe each one should teach one still; it’s not just a slogan to me. Novels, short stories, essays, children’s books, songs and poems I will continue to compose in an effort to express and share my existence. Potholes that I’ve stepped in I hope to help others to avoid although, I understand that it is necessary for us all to have set backs in life so that we can grow and learn. Often it is true, we do have to take a step backwards in order to take two forward. Sometimes you might take six steps back but don’t worry; you’ll catch up just keep the faith and continue to work hard at whatever it is that you do. Let’s stop changing horses in the middle of the stream; stick with something, see it to completion. You can’t win if you don’t finish the game, finish the game! I am saying this to my audience just as much as to myself because I didn’t start to see success until I started completing things. One day I realized that I had never truly failed at anything other than that which I neglected to complete. That was a day of awakening. I am thankful to you Jesus for the perseverance to find completion. I thank all of my supporters and my first true fan most of all. She knows who she is. As I struggle through this world and all of its wickedness Lord I will praise your name. Even when immersed in sin I never forget, stop believing, denounce your name or feel ashamed to express my love for you. You’re the greatest and I believe in you therefore I believe in me! Thank you Jesus.

Cam Rascoe


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