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Do it out of the Goodness of your Heart

Do it out of the Goodness of your Heart

The Jumarally family has dedicated themselves to helping the homeless and underprivileged even during their greatest times of need. The family would turn around their beat up van with no air conditioning that was prone to break down and make a special trip to the store to purchase food for a homeless person they might see on the street. “If you have a little extra to give, why not do it?” Is what father Zainul Jumarally would say even after his handyman business was suffering mightily during the poor American Economy of 2007 through 2009. The St. Cloud, Florida family was featured in an October 2009 issue of People Magazine for their generous spirit. Despite struggling to make their own ends meet, the family still volunteered to deliver food through the local Meals on Wheels program twice a week and even took any opportunity they got to meet the needs of their neighbors around them.

“For me, I feel that my mission in life is to go there and help other people” Stated the mother Safeia Jumarally. “Finding Meals on Wheels was a great opportunity because it led us to even more opportunities to help other people.” The Jumarallys even started volunteering at the Osceola County Council on aging during a time when Zainual had lost ninety percent of his business and had to do other odd jobs to keep his family afloat. They struggled to make mortgage payments on their home and keep food on the table, yet they continued to help others. “As much as we’re going through struggles ourselves, we still look to do things for other people to help them,” Zainul said. “We even got our kids involved. We want to teach them (that) sometimes people need that help.”

The Jumarally children at the time, 16-year-old Taahirah, 11-year-old Tamerah and 8-year-old Zaahid, helped their parents volunteer, sometimes joined by any combination of their 10 cousins who lived nearby. Young Zaahid suffered from many ailments and even had heart surgery but he still joined the family in their efforts whenever he felt well enough.

People Magazine, through Lean Cuisine, donated $12,000.00 in groceries to the family to honor them for their service. The Jumarallys were grateful for the donation, they said, mostly because it was not only for them-selves.

“It’s helped. We have food in the pantry for the kids,” Safeia said. “It’s helped us, and it’s also helping other people. We’re not only taking that and using it for ourselves. We’re taking it and helping others.” The Jumarally family donated three turkeys and five bags of food to needy St. Cloud residents that Thanksgiving. Zainul wanted to help more families every Thanksgiving which led him to creating a non profit organization that focused on feeding the hungry. “I know there are a lot of people that need help,” he said. “We see ourselves, right in St. Cloud; there are people on the streets.” To this day the Jumarally family continues to prosper while helping others in their community. “You give as you get,” Safeia said. “It’s a Blessing.”

The Jumarallys truly do things from the goodness of their hearts.


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