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Compassion Costs Nothing

Compassion Costs Nothing

Compassion is free. To have empathy, sympathy or understanding for someone else’s plight costs you nothing but it may be invaluable to them. We all need a helping hand, kind word or helpful advice from time to time. Doesn’t it mean the world to you when someone spreads a little cheer during those times when you feel down and out? Be freely compassionate to someone whenever given the opportunity because, you never know when your own time of sorrow will come.


9 thoughts on “Compassion Costs Nothing

  1. I disagree. True compassion often requires time when you least expect it, a sustained emotional effort and the knowledge and ability to use reflective listening or other empathetic skills . Most of the time you are right in that all that is needed is a hug or a kind word.

  2. Incredible thoughts.l appreciate your time for visiting and following my blog. My best regards.Jalal

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  5. True, and yet there is a way that it costs us everything, for we need to live more selflessly. Thank you for this thoughtful post. And thank you for following.

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