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God’s Creatures: Ugly Blck Cat

God's Creatures: Ugly Blck Cat

Today an ugly black cat was staring me down and it angered me. Not a dude, an actual feline with blotches of dark and light brown in it’s coat sat upon the fence in my backyard giving me menacing looks. One of it’s eyes, milky in color, seemed to have pus in the corner as it was closed half shut… nasty. I yelled out to the cat to shoo it away but it didn’t move. I stood fifty yards from it so I had a mind to chuck a rock to knock it from it’s perch. Then it dawned on me, that ugly cat was one of God’s creatures too and I’m sure our Lord found beauty in it when he created that cat. With that thought I instantly became contrite and almost apologetic towards that ugly cat. Once he saw the compassion in my eyes he stopped giving me evil looks and just went on about his business of stalking prey. All of God’s creatures are beautiful in their own way.


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