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Struggle of the Talented Righteous

Struggle of the Talented Righteous

Blessed with virtue and extreme talent but lacking in wealth or adequate appreciation for his attributes or contributions.
Destined to be the greatest to ever do it but always three steps away from fame, is the talented righteous.
Gifts used to serve his Savior daily benefiting the masses soothing their tortured souls yet he writes in obscurity.
They praise and support, never monetarily but with positive phraseology and jargon… lip service.
Back to his keyboard always attempting to give the world his heart because it’s his calling but still he’s left wanting.
Life’s struggles happen, deal with them he must while staying the course of a righteous man, forever the starving artist.
Books of minor celebrities, reality stars and sex peddlers fly off the shelves because they’re drenched in debauchery.
Lovers of the craft they are not, lust for the money gives them life for they possess no literary skill or passion for the written word.
Funding projects on meager wages after shedding blood; sweat and tears over each word of each “Great American Novel” does the greatest writer of the 21st century.
Content with the knowledge that his contribution is like that of no other before him and there will be none greater to follow.
Conceit, arrogance, vanity nor haughtiness is the cause for his confidence; he believes so because his Creator told him so.
All praise is given to Jesus; to doubt his ability for him would be to doubt the word of the Lord.
“I believe in Him therefore I believe in me” is printed before the preface and intro of every publication acknowledging the source of the talent.
Understanding now he is that death may befall him before he is recognized for the greatness he offers to the world.
Anxious to return Home, always ready and certainly prepared, for his soul he has given to his God and the love he extends to God’s people.
Returned one day it will be (the love) in the form of celebrity but unfortunately quite possibly it will be after he is gone.
No longer Tortured by Talent

Struggle of the Talented Righteous


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