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Oh The Wisdom of Men

Oh The Wisdom of Men

Oh the wisdom of men. The worlds greatest fool is that man thinks he’s smart enough to match wits with God. Many non believers are non believers because it’s easier to not follow God’s laws or obey his word. They’ll get caught up in worldly issues as if our time here isn’t temporary. These “free thinkers” fail to realize this life is a trial, test and a trust. They’ll question everything, even the existence of God, basking in their own perceived intellectual glory. Because they don’t understand they declare things untrue, lacking in faith. What they fail to realize is that we’ll never understand God’s plan, our puny little minds don’t have the capacity, but know that his plan is divine. Atheists, Agnostics. Non believer I have a question for you. You and I are high up in the air in a plane who’s engines are failing. We are now plummeting to the earth’s floor. What are you doing? Are you standing on all of you smarts believing that when this plane crashes you’ll just cease to exist or will you be calling on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ just as I am.

It’s easy to pretend like you have the most sense in the world when it means nothing but… are you so strong in your belief that you’ll denounce HIM when this life comes to an end? I’m here to remind you that Hell is filled with souls who believed that they held greater intelligence than God. Jesus allows you free will, free thinker; HE gives us freedom of choice because he wants us to choose him. Jesus always loves us and in his great benevolence he’ll accept you into his kingdom even after you spending a lifetime being arrogant enough to think you hold greater understanding than the creator. Our souls are eternal, eternal death or eternal life. God is the creator of all, the Alpha and the Omega everything starts and ends with our Lord. I pray for you oh wise men of this world and I love you because my father loves you, my brothers. I just ask one thing please don’t allow all your smarts to land you in Hell. Oh the wisdom of men.


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