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Her Infectious Smile

Her Infectious Smile

Infectious was her smile and tone, complementing her lovely face and body. That infectious smile was like a siren in the dark night leading many an infatuated fool to smash their hearts on the rocks of love. From a far some men could resist but when the glow from those blue eyes shown upon them they quickly melted under her intense gaze. Being addressed by her was like being called from a crowd of a million men. Whenever she spoke a man’s name it sounded regal, noble. He’d smile wide and proud. He never loved his name more than when she spoke it. She knows this so she smiles infecting his heart and soul with unseen emotional sensation. There’s no motive behind that smile it is genuine and true. It’s for all of you. Men never lust for her; they love for her. Majestic she is, meshing beauty and grace. She never walks alone for eyes always trail behind her, men, women and child. She turns, her eyes meets theirs. Suddenly they become bashful, their heads they want to bow, but she lefts their heads back up, eyes meeting hers, with only that infectious smile.

Exquisite splendor makes up her aura emitting from her soul. Her comeliness comes from deep within her, expressing itself through that infectious smile. The hearts that get smashed are of those who take her charms the wrong way. Her love she wants to share with the world, the foolish man thinks it’s all for him. Graciously she even gives times consoling the fool easing his pain but never returning his affections. Control his obsessive behavior he must for fear of her ever completely turning away from him. Still she smiles, the epitome of a what it is to be a lady. Elegance personified, polished and refined, example for females to follow. Brilliantly patient and sincere in her listening, honest and heartfelt in her response the lady of the smile is benevolent in nature. Her infectious smile is used only for good warming the hearts of many. I thank you lady for smiling on me and all those like me, truly appreciative of you. The lady with the infectious smile.

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