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Searching For A Love That Was Already There

Searching For A Love That Was Already There

A love so true I always had in you but acted as if I never knew. Realization came tardily as I searched for false love in failed relationships leaving me wanting and blue. A beautiful daughter was birthed from our initial union with the brightest smile and eyes a most majestic hue. She is the sun of our love’s universe; the light that warms our every day, a lovely reflection of you. While separated an unconditional benevolent love you offered supporting me even when our romance was through. My heart’s lover, mother of my child, educator to my soul and a most giving nurturer too, this is you. But for some reason for far too long I didn’t know who? In who would I find that special love to cherish, where is the lady I was meant to spend eternity with, all the while looking for you outside of you. I once thought there were many, but oh the love worthy are so few. One faithful day a light bulb turned on in my dim mind, I finally got a clue. The love I yearned for I’ve always had, no longer blind, now seeing all that you do. Because there is no love in this world greater than the love you offer me… so grateful for the love that is you.


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