Love Solution

Love Solution

Got family problems? Throw love at it instead of money. Sometimes you may need to use nurturing love, other times tough love may be in order. Regardless of what type of love you use to solve the problem it is always better than throwing money at it. Love can’t be bought but it can and will solve a myriad of family problems.


So Young Yet So Bitter

So Young Yet So Bitter

So young yet so bitter? Youth should be filled with optimism dreams and hope instead many of them sit and carp, complaining about everything under the sun. Their whole lives are ahead of them and there is so much they can accomplish but they limit themselves, content to sit moan and grumble. Unhappy they are and don’t understand why. Misery is as misery does; stop griping about life and start living it. Don’t limit yourself by having a negative mind state.

Ninety-Nine Problems

Ninety-Nine Problems

If you’re having belief problems I feel bad for you son; I’ve got ninety-nine problems but having a lack of faith ain’t one. I believe in Him therefore I believe in me; my diligence and efforts will determine how great I’ll be. Dreams realized I’ll soon one day see; all because my belief and efforts come free. From no challenge will I ever flee for faith and belief always work in me. Away from my problems I’ll never run; I’ve got ninety-nine problem but having a lack of faith ain’t one!

Driven by Faith not Hampered by Fear

Driven by Faith not Hampered by Fear

My existence in this world is driven by faith not hampered by fear. I fear not giving my all or my best in everything thing I do for I have faith that my best is great. I believe in the talents and abilities I’ve been Blessed with and the heights I can reach with them. I fear for those who don’t believe in what they can achieve and the potential potentially wasted. I have faith that I can help to motivate them to reach their greatness as well…. Driven by Faith not Hampered by Fear.

Limp, Listless Lovers

Limp, Listless Lovers

Limp, listless lovers how did you get here? There once was some much passion and fire in your relationship but that fire is now a mere flicker of desire. The love and respect is still there; you would do anything in the world for one another. It’s just that now, the mystery is gone; there’s more familiarity than suspense. Restore the fervor in your romance; break the routine and ritual you’ve fallen into. Bring back the enthusiasm and excitement by trying something new. Go out on a limb, step outside of your comfort zone with zeal. Be more crazy than lazy and the infatuation you once had for one another will return.

Our Father’s Promise

Our Father's Promise

“Protected by my love you are; Faith in me will Provide you with internal security. Help others to accept me and I will Produce pleasure in their lives as well. Everlasting joy you’ll all one day experience in full through your faith and belief in me.” Our Father’s promise.

Your Love To Me

Your Love To Me

For Faith providing emotional security in you and all you are, I am grateful.
For the Love, Protective and true you offer me daily I thank God.
For the Help Produced through your efforts and selflessness I champion you.
Everlasting joy we’ll one day experience in full loving through eternity.