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Passively Pursuing Passion

Passively Pursuing Passion

Patricia and Paul are friends, they get along well. Paul values Patricia and her opinions. Patricia likes Paul’s style and most importantly his pretty face and fit body. Paul has always been impressed by Patricia’s mind; he thinks she’s brilliant. Paul values Patricia’s friendship like that of no other, not even his best male friends. Patricia pined for Paul more than any other boy before. She just loved spending time with him, her friend. Whenever Paul had girl trouble, he came to Patricia. She helped him better understand the female mind. He would thank her profusely for her input giving her a hug and kiss on the cheek. She had hearts in her eyes. Paul was grateful that he could always count on his old buddy Patricia. He made her glasses steamy, she helped him to make car windows steamy. All through high school they remained neighbors and friends. Patricia was pursued by a boy or two who saw her inner beauty but she would only see them in an attempt to make Paul jealous. It never worked. He encouraged it, asking how her dates went and if she really liked the guy. He tried to give her advise on how to make her relationships successful. Patricia smiled and thanked him but didn’t really appreciate it. The whole while he would be speaking she’d want to scream out to him… “I don’t want him Paul. I love you! Say you love me too.” But she never did. Instead she stared into his eyes pretending to hang on every word while thinking how much she loved him. Every relationship Patricia had would seem to fizzle out and it would bring her joy. She was joyous because she knew that her good friend would come to console her. Patricia forced tears as she buried her head in Paul’s shoulder inhaling deeply. She loved when she got an opportunity to smell him. With every embrace she took in more of him dreaming of what could be. While trying to comfort his dear friend Paul would pat her on the back and she would pretend to not want to bother him with her problems.

“You’re always there for me Patricia. The least I can do is be there for you. What kind of best friend would I be if I weren’t there for you when you needed me most?”

She would look up with the saddest puppy dog look she could muster.

“Oh thank you Paul, I don’t know what I would do without you.”

Paul started dating a girl he really liked and Patricia knew her well, too well. That pretty girl was two years Patricia’s junior and went to school with she and Paul. Paul’s new love shared more than that with Patricia she also shared her bathroom. Patricia’s little sister, now a sophomore cheerleader turned Paul’s head as she blossomed over the summer. They shared a lot of stolen moments when Patricia was being coy or pretending to be busy when Paul came over. She always wanted to make an entrance. Neither Paul or little sister Penny knew of Patricia’s feelings for Paul. Paul and Penny’s love was true and all Patricia could do was stew. Years later they would marry all the while hurt feelings Patricia would carry. Always she would wear a brave face while watching her little sister take her place. Passively Pursuing Passion… there is no receiving without askin’.

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