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Oh Breaker of My Heart

Oh Breaker of My Heart

Oh breaker of my heart, during our torrid six week love affair you professed your love for me even writing it in lipstick on my bathroom mirror. We entertained thoughts of moving in together and starting a wonderful life. I wanted to make you my wife. Fully vested was my heart in you and I thought you felt the same; at least that’s what you said. Now it seems that it was all a game. The love flowed freely; then one day you turned it off uttering the famous break up words “I need space.” Never and argument or disagreement did we have but I was shunned, left in a dark place. Broken hearted, I’ll have to man up and deal with the lack of closure. I read your words celebrating your freedom but freedom from what? It’s not freedom, it is loss. Because cause your “freedom” just cost you the greatest love you will ever know. Freedom can’t hold you at night or support you in your time of need but I lived to. Unconditionally is how I loved you oh breaker of my heart, this is true. But that season has passed and I must move on, sadly I bid you adieu.


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