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A Whole Bunch of Bennie

A Whole Bunch of Bennie

Dreams, yes I have plenty but there is one thing I can never do without, your love.
My greatest life’s ambition achieved and still I would be left empty, if not for your love.
You were born Katherine but I named you Bennie, my Beautiful Bennie, my love.
In the past there were many but none could measure up to all that is my wife, my love.

A whole bunch of Bennie is all I need to restore my joy, my love.
Our union we treasure more than any, so grateful to share with you, our love.
There’s no one in this world I’d rather keep time with than my Bennie, my love.
Faith, beliefs and morals are common, we see eye to eye in this awesome love.

A whole lot of love is a whole lot of Bennie and it’s all I’ll ever need, her love.
Boast about her greatness daily heartening and championing the holder of the love.
Deserving of all my praise and more for she’s even more beautiful on the inside, my love.
All the way to Heaven, hand in hand we’ll go; loving into eternity Blessed with, our love.

All I’ll ever need is a whole bunch of Bennie… my love.


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