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Nash Simpson

Nash Simpson

Sometimes the purest of souls are birthed by the most amoral persons in the worst of environments. Despite lacking adequate nurturing and nature working against him, being born to addicts, Nash remained gold. Tragedy and depravity filled but not formed his formidable years. His light always shined bright. Far from a man would he be before losing mother, aunt and guardian. Lifestyle of lust, lust for drugs and alcohol leads to their demise, a demise they readily accept. But then there’s Nash; that rose that grew from the concrete or in his case maybe the magic mushroom sprouting from the cattle dung. No matter how ugly his surrounding Nash’s beauty always shows, shining through the haze. Older cousin Todd is charged with caring for young Nash but was unfortunately predisposed to his mother’s afflictions. Lost Todd would become; Nash helped him find himself while finding the love of his life, Tiffany. Great success Nash would see at a young age, helping all lost souls within his reach. Groomer of porn stars he became but it never defined him. He was placed in their lives for a reason and now he understood why.


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