No one Has Hurt Me More Than You… and No One Ever Will

No one Has Hurt Me More Than You... and No One Ever Will

No one has hurt me more than you… and no one ever will. Loving you was like a battle and we both ended up with scars, on the inside and out. We told one another we fought hard because of the intensity of our love… lied time and time again. After assaulting one another verbally and sometimes physically we’d attack one another with passion. Blinded to our dysfunction we continued our love of combat until you fell. Hospitalized you were, incarcerated was I; we knew what we had to do. You let go and I let go too. No one has hurt me more than you… and no one ever will.


A Whole Bunch of Bennie

A Whole Bunch of Bennie

Dreams, yes I have plenty but there is one thing I can never do without, your love.
My greatest life’s ambition achieved and still I would be left empty, if not for your love.
You were born Katherine but I named you Bennie, my Beautiful Bennie, my love.
In the past there were many but none could measure up to all that is my wife, my love.

A whole bunch of Bennie is all I need to restore my joy, my love.
Our union we treasure more than any, so grateful to share with you, our love.
There’s no one in this world I’d rather keep time with than my Bennie, my love.
Faith, beliefs and morals are common, we see eye to eye in this awesome love.

A whole lot of love is a whole lot of Bennie and it’s all I’ll ever need, her love.
Boast about her greatness daily heartening and championing the holder of the love.
Deserving of all my praise and more for she’s even more beautiful on the inside, my love.
All the way to Heaven, hand in hand we’ll go; loving into eternity Blessed with, our love.

All I’ll ever need is a whole bunch of Bennie… my love.

Patient Positive Parenting

Patient Positive Parenting

Patient positive parenting and direct instruction produces the best in our children. Offer an example of the great person you wish for them to become. They need something and someone to emulate, that someone should be you. I and my wife are our children’s role models not some celebrity or athlete. Our children shouldn’t want to be like Mike; they should aspire to be like Mom and Dad. Be that example that gives them pride; they’ll make you proud in return.

Love Coming Apart at the Seams

Love Coming Apart at the Seams

Your love correlation and connection is constantly coming apart at the seams; you hold on attempting pointless patchwork. Never repaired, the fabric of this love quilt needs to be replaced not mended. Expert at needlepoint, crochet, sewing and knitting loves fabric you feel you can save this torn and tattered relationship. It’s not to be; there are too many holes to fill. No one has that much thread or time. Sometimes love wears too thin to repair.

The Painter and The Writer

The Painter and The Writer

My destiny is not your destiny and yours is not mine; we are two of a different kind. Our goals and ambitions are dissimilar as are our talents and attributes. You’re a painter, I’m a writer, artist of a different kind but I greatly value your gift just as you do mine. Comparisons are not in order; sincere appreciation is, for the way we each do what we do with immense fervor and flair. We are both awesome in our own right, no need to compare.

Failed Love Jail

Failed Love Jail

When the love fails sometimes a relationship can seem like jail. You’re imprisoned in an affiliation familiar but no longer pleasurable. Your union has taken on the form of bars keeping you from the freedom you so desperately yet quietly wish to have. Trapped by a promise, you no longer want to be there. Your heart deserves better, and so does theirs for when the love fails sometimes a relationship can seem like jail.

It’s a Long Way to go When You’re Lost

It's a Long Way to go When You're Lost

It’s a long way to go when you don’t know where you’re going; many of us don’t know where we’re going, we’re just lost. A plan of action and informed direction is needed for us to find success in life. Some of us just meander around wondering and wandering aimlessly. We may have a slight idea of what we want to accomplish but never seek the proper information or instruction to make it a reality. Before we take another step… Stop! Figure out in what direction we should be traveling, because it’s along way to go when you’re lost.