The Hurters

The Hurters

The hurters love hurting; they live to cause strife. They have no nose; it’s been cut off despite their face. Hurting you is so important to them that they will sabotage themselves just to see you fall. Attacking back will only cause more discord in your life. The wicked will only prosper for season; don’t allow them to drag you into their inequity and misery. Stay true to you, do what you do. You will eventually be victorious and then you can look back and be proud of your actions while gaining your victory.


For Shame!

For Shame!

For shame, for shame! Shame on that underachieving and undeserving parent using their presence to embarrass that oh so talented child. They shine so bright so you’ve just got to come dim their light, for shame! They are who and what they are despite you not because of you but you’ll always take credit for their accomplishments. They are respected by their peers, they have class. You show up acting out of place, looking like trash. You want the world to know that is your child, share in their greatness. People look at you and shake their heads then they look back to that oh so talented child. You’re child is revered and appreciated that much more because they overcame your bad or absentee parenting and still became successful. Stop trying to take credit for what you haven’t done underachiever; stop stealing their shine. For Shame, for shame!

Thoughts of a Non-Custodial Parent

Thoughts of a Non-Custodial Parent

Respect me only when you need me. Crassly cursing, I usually receive from you whenever we need to communicate. We communicate on a need to bases because of your bitterness. I’m not perfect, no man is but I have been respectful. Always willing to assist but only when you allow it. Today you need me, called me for assistance in a matter concerning our children. I didn’t recognize who I was speaking to because you spoke softly instead of yelling profanities. Assist I will, anything for my kids. After I solve this problem it’s… back to court for me next week and you’ll be back to being the nasty you.
Thoughts of a non-custodial parent.

Heartening Our Youth

Heartening Our Youth

Hearten your children to achieve all they can in their young lives then, celebrate their accomplishments. Praise should flow freely from our lips for our babies when warranted. Chased by our chastising when missteps are made, discipline is needed but love accomplishes more within the youth. Proud they will make you when given the proper support. Seeing your offspring shine should make you beam.

Private Pain

Private Pain

There is sadness to her happiness, behind her every smile there’s a tear. She’d welcome you into her heart but there is so much pain in there; no more can she bear. She projects joy and cheer because that’s what we all want to see and hear but sometimes in privates she weeps. Conceal her ills she will, protecting the rawness of her deep hurts. She emerges again with a grin above her chin because that last thing she wants to do is bring you down. For she knows if she waddles in self pity and despair in her depression she might drown.

The Talkers Part 3

The Talkers Part 3

Ralph licked his wounds for a few days leading up to the new heist. He was now broke and back sleeping on his Aunt’s couch. He sat dreaming of the big score smoking his last butt sitting on his aunt’s back stoop. Across town Tommy and Tammy were doing their talk thing, gaining both trust and information at the same time. Barry and Billy drove around the neighborhood mapping out the quickest escape route. The team was back to work, all doing their part to make their robbery successful. Ralph just sat in wait, two days away from his new fortune.

Unfortunately for the crew Tammy and Tommy were doing a little talking outside of work. They were communicating with a forgotten foe. Barry and Billy were on to bigger things. They were no longer robbing low level drug dealers. They had graduated to jewelry stores and were considering eventually doing a bank job. Barry thought himself to be a Big Cheese. People like Terry he left in his rearview mirror. Barry thought Terry to be a punk nickel and dimmer making a little cash off the poor ham and egger junkies of the neighborhood. He gave him no thought but Terry had many thoughts about Barry and his flunky Billy. Terry wasn’t positive but he was damn sure that they were the two who robbed him years earlier. Terry’s thoughts were of revenge so he purchased conversation from the talkers. Drugs were the currency and for that they would divulge any and everything. Terry knew the location and the day it was going down. He happily anonymously shared this information with the authorities.

The small jewelry store was staked out by the police. An undercover officer buzzed the two hoods in. As the door closed behind them five plain clothes cops rushed the car Ralph was sitting in. He was taken into custody without incident. Before he could flee or fight hands were placed on him and guns drawn. Ralph gave himself up while pleading for his life.

Inside the store Barry and Billy were met with similar force. Guns were drawn on them as they were announcing their intention to rob the place. Neither had the time or opportunity to pull their weapons out and aim them. To the floor they were tackled and disarmed. Cuffed, dragged to their feet and read their rights were the big cheese and his little buddy Billy in their failed attempt to get more cheddar. Barry’s mind raced as he was led to a police cruiser parked just pass the empty getaway car. Ralph was already being transported to the police station for processing. Barry and Billy were soon to join him. The entire operation took less time than their robbery would have.

Sitting in his holding cell Barry assumed that Tommy and Tammy had rat them out. He couldn’t figure out why but he knew they had to have something to do with it. Barry held thoughts of revenge in his mind and vengeance in his heart but he had bigger problems at the moment. If the cops connected all of the robberies he could be looking at decades behind bars.

Tommy and Tammy got word of what happened from some of their junkie friends. Then they watched it on the news and the two of them were furious.

“What the hell are we going to do for money now?! We’re almost out!”

Tammy waved the wrinkled sandwich bag in front of his face. In the corner was a small amount of brown dust. By the next evening she would be getting dope sick. Tommy and especially Tammy were more concerned about their drug addictions than getting caught by the authorities. Right away Tommy came up with a plan.

“Hey, there is a concert over at Temptation. Let’s get mixed up in the moshpit and pick a few pockets. We can steal a few tips maybe even find some free junk.”

Tammy wasn’t terribly excited about the idea but she wanted to do something to keep from getting sick. She grudgingly agreed.

“Okay, I’m in. let’s get there early so we can get out before anybody notices there cash or drugs missing.”

The two agreed, got high then got ready. The night went off without a hitch and the couple scored from Terry that night. This time they had questions of their own. Tommy was especially curious about the botched robbery.

Terry was in high spirits smoking a joint listening to Cypress Hill. He offered a jovial greeting and wide smile. Tommy returned his salutations but behind his smile was great suspicion.

“What’s up guys; what y’all up to tonight?”
“Nothin’ much, just hangin’.”

“Y’all want the usual?”

Terry weighted and bagged their dope. They paid him for it then took two bumps. Now lose, Tommy had to get some things off his chest.

“Hey Terry, let me ask you something man.”
“What’s up man?”
“You didn’t tell anybody about our last job did you?”
“C’mon dude. You know we don’t do that. I don’t talk to cops; I ain’t never been a rat.”

Terry put on a stern look and stared at Tommy until he averted his eyes. Being defiant would make him believable but becoming indignant and insulted turned the tables. Terry pretended to be angry, putting Tommy on the defense.

“Look dude, I wasn’t accusing you of anything. I just had to ask. No offense man; I just had to ask, we’re not trying to go to prison. We still cool?”

Terry paused and acted as if he had to take the time to calm down. Tommy extended his hand to him. Terry eventually took it and the two shook then man hugged pounding on another on the back with their fists. Tommy excused himself to use the bathroom. While he was relieving himself Tammy came up with another plan to get her drugs.

“I’m sorry Terry I don’t know where Tommy was getting all that from. I’m sorry, are we still cool?”
“Yea, we’re all still cool.”

She stood and walked over to him. On his inner thigh she placed her hand rubbing slowly up towards his manhood. She whispered in his ear.

“You ever wondered what it would be like? Me on you, you in me?”
“Yea, but what would Tommy think about all of this?”
“What Tommy don’t know won’t hurt him.”

Just then Tommy came out of the bathroom. Tammy casually walked back over to the couch and took her seat. Tommy sat down next to her then grabbed his beer off the coffee table in front of him. He put his arm around his best girl as Terry look on.

“Hey Tommy how would you feel about me and Tammy hanging out for a little while every now and then?”

Tommy looked stunned. He never thought Terry would disrespect him like that.

“What the fuck dude!”
“I didn’t think you would like it, see Tammy.”

Tommy’s head was spinning; he looked over at his girlfriend.

“What the hell is he talking about?!”

Tammy just looked stunned so Terry divulged it all. He had been hurt in the past by a couple of cheating girlfriends who were just with him for free drugs. So he refused to betray another man in that way. He knew she was only going to use him to get high anyway. The couple left Terry’s home arguing. Tommy shook Terry’s hand and apologized on the way out. A bond and trust was formed in Tommy’s mind for his dealer Terry. He was a stand up guy. On the way home Tammy tried to explain her actions.

“Look Baby, you know I love you. I would never sleep with anybody else.”
“What the hell was he talking about?”
“I was going to make him think he was getting some just so we could get some free dope from time to time. I would never sleep with Terry or anybody else. You’ve got believe me Baby, I love you.”

Eventually Tommy gave in and forgave her but he forbade her from ever going to Terry’s house again for anything. She readily agreed to appease her man and salvage their relationship. Tommy still thought highly of his new buddy Terry.

Weeks went by, Tommy and Tammy started to get desperate. Things were dry. Eventually Tammy put her plan into action; she stated selling her body to get money for dope. Tommy allowed it because they had to feed their addictions. He just didn’t want to see it. She did her business in open secret.

Tommy felt horrible about what they had become. He started coming up with another plan. The plan was different but not new. Jewelry store robbery, his old bread and butter, Tommy would now take on the roll of the Big Cheese. There was no need for a robbing crew. He and his girl could handle this. With just the two of them there would be more money; they could move away and set up somewhere else. He ran the idea by Tammy and she agreed. The thought of a big pay day thrilled her. Barry and Billy usually took the largest shares. They got just a few more bucks than Ralph. Now it would be theirs, all of it.

Tommy previously staked out a target. He took Tammy to see it, she was thrilled.

“It looks perfect Tommy. Have you been inside to look around yet?”
“No, I didn’t want to view the inside until you were with me.”
“So when can we see it?”
“How about tomorrow?”
“Sounds great.”

You would think they were purchasing their first home as a family rather than casing a store for their next robbery.

The two of them cleaned up, transforming themselves into a couple of young yuppies. They looked in the mirror and laughed out loud at their innocent appearances. Soon they found themselves at the counter chatting up another unknowing jeweler. They obtained all of the information they were looking for then went to get some dope to celebrate. Tommy dropped Tammy off at their place then he headed over to Terry’s. The two planned to rob the jewelry store three days later and Tommy mistakenly got into a conversation with Terry about it.

“Terry you think I could go in with you and get some junk in bulk?”
“What? What are you trying to start dealing now?”

Tommy laughed.

“No, no I’m not trying to deal, I just want a lot. Me and Tammy are thinking of moving away after we do this last job.”
“Job? You guys are still robbing stores without your crew?”
“Well what do we need all those people for? We do all the talking and casing anyway. Once we have the information, the robbery is the easy part. Me and my girl, we got this. We’re going to do it in three days so I need you to have the shit. We’ll come by here and see you before we leave town. Can you do it?”
“Yea, yea, I’ve got you. I’ll have it here three days from now. Good luck man.”
“I don’t need luck Bro; I’ve got smarts.”

The two slapped hands and Tommy took off to bring Tammy home her drugs. She was overjoyed to see him, more importantly she was happy to see the heroin he was holding. They got high for the night and drifted away fantasizing about the riches that would soon be theirs.

That same night Terry had unwelcomed visitors at his door. The police were tipped off by a rival drug dealer in an effort to take over Terry’s territory. They sent in a few undercover officers to buy drugs from him over several weeks and even provided him with a new contact with cheaper prices. Terry bought narcotics from the police in bulk and then sold it back to them. They had him coming and going and he knew it as soon as they came crashing through the door. Terry would find himself doing more time than his foes Barry and Billy. He was in between a rock and a hard place. Terry needed a way out then he thought to himself.

“I might have some information that can get me out of this mess.”

When the police got him to the station he was more than willing to strike a deal for a reduced sentence. He explained to them if they were to get the district attorney to sign off on a reduced sentence he would plead guilty and happily share some information with them that would prevent a crime set to take place in three days. It was agreed upon and he sold the talkers out. It would seem the talkers had talked themselves into a corner again and every criminal in town was talking to someone. Terry got his deal and then he started to spiel. He may not have been a rat but he surely was a snitch standing on his mound of drug charges he’d pitch. Every detail he shared once again foiling a robbery.

The talkers were taken into custody and booked for attempted armed robbery. Once incarcerated neither of them would talk. They both stayed silent and let their lawyers do the talking for them. Their time was served and still they never uttered a word as their bodies adjusted to living without it’s vice. The talkers understood they offered malice with their tongues offering death not life. They would never again use their gift of gab to dash and grab instead they’d use their verbal talents for right. At last the talkers had talked themselves into living an abundant life. Eventually the talkers would buy that engagement ring and Tommy made Tammy his wife.

The Talkers Part 2

The Talkers Part 2

Tammy and Tommy found themselves low on cash weeks later and were ready to do another heist. They contacted the gang’s leader Barry to see if he had anything lined up.

“Yea Tommy, I might have a little something lined up for ya. You and your chick stop by here around two tomorrow and we’ll talk things over.”
“Sounds good Barry, thanks man. Talk to ya then.”

Tommy shared the good news with the girl he so loved and they jumped for joy together. They figured it was time to get high and celebrate. The two raced to their dealer’s place to get a little taste. When they got there he had a lot of questions for them.

“I’m glad ya’ll stopped by today; I need to talk to y’all about something.”

The coupled looked puzzled. Tommy spoke up.

“What’s up Terry?”
“I’ve been trying to find your buddy Ralph.”
“Yea Ralph, have you seen him?”
“Well, not for a couple of weeks, not since our last job.”

Tammy nudged Tommy; she knew he had said too much. Terry looked them both over then threw a bag of junk on the table as an offering for the information he was in search of. Tammy quickly snatched it up then nodded to Tommy giving him the okay to proceed.

“Terry can you keep a secret?”

Terry smirked at Tommy’s question.

“What are we in the second grade or something? Just answer my question dick wad.”
“Well, you know we’ve been doing a few heist around town.”
“I know you two assholes aren’t robbing anyone, you don’t have the balls.”

Tammy, spoke up as she sniffed the brown powder.

“Well I don’t have balls at all smart guy and we don’t have to rob anyone. We just talk to them.”

Tommy and Tammy ran down their little team’s operations to Terry and he took it all in. They told him times, locations and everyone’s jobs. Terry now knew that Ralph was a get away driver on Barry’s robbing crew. Unknown to the couple was Terry and Barry’s beef. Terry believed that Barry and Billy robbed him two years earlier of his drugs and cash but he couldn’t prove it. He didn’t share his feelings about the two guys, he just focused on Ralph.

“Look, Ralph is a wannabe drug dealer and fronted a bunch of junk from me. He’s ducking me now and I want my damn money. I need you two to help me find him.”

He pointed down at the bag, there’s more where that came from. Tammy and Tommy smiled wide. They thought nothing of giving up their partner in crime Ralph for free drugs.

Days later Barry held a meeting to brief his crew on their next job. Tammy and Tommy took it all in. After the meeting was adjourned Tammy and Tommy chatted Ralph up. Tammy started in; she knew Ralph always had a thing for her.

“So Ralph, whatcha getting’ into?”

Initially he gave her a skeptical look but her smile won him over.

“I don’t know, I was going to go back to my buddy’s pad and have a few beers. I’ve been staying there for a little while.”

Tammy invited herself along while Tommy made himself scarce.

“Tommy’s got to run a few errands so you mind if I hang out with you guys for a little while?”
“Sure, sure, the more the merrier.”

Twenty minutes later they were back at Ralph’s hideout. Tammy had no intention of showing Ralph any affection. She was just going to drink her fill and do as much of his drugs as possible. The night went as planned. She avoided getting physical with Ralph while getting high out of her mind. She used the excuse of not quite being over Tommy but gave Ralph hope that she could possibly be leaving him soon giving them the opportunity to be together.

When she left there she went home and told Tommy where Ralph was staying. The next day they shared the information with Terry and he supplied them with more free drugs. Later that day Terry kicked open the door to the apartment where Ralph was staying and pistol whipped him well. Terry took everything of value he could find netting himself a nice profit. He got three times what the drugs were worth leaving Ralph broken and desperate.

Terry wasn’t done yet. He still had an axe to grind with Barry and Billy. He knew they robbed him and he’d been waiting for a chance to get revenge on them. Tommy and Tammy told Terry the crew’s plan for the next robbery as he fed them more drugs. He figured he’d use that information to sink his foes. It was time for Barry and Billy to face the music and pay the piper in one.