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My Love Sun

My Love Sun

You always seem so far away… You’ll never leave my side but seem to be just out of reach. Your love for me is benevolently immense and it is always felt, warming me, the sun of my love’s universe. Yet just as the sun radiates from afar the source of your love seems light years away. The life force of this wonderful union; I can never get enough. So far a way, too large to hold but never fleeting, nor cold. Orbiting this huge mass of energy known as your love I am in everlasting joy.

A marital bed we happily share. I reach for you, can’t touch; I reach further. My fingertips extend outside the warm blanket into the cool night air still unable to feel you. Slowly I open my eyes to the darkness to see no you, sadness showers me. My sorrow softness as I smell your sweet scent then feel your warm touch across my body. I awake from my nightmare to feel your arm draped over me and your face turned towards mine, eyes shut enjoying slumber.

I stare, squinting from the brightness of your love, hearts filling my eyes. You feel my gaze so you open your eyes and smile a sleepy smile. A solar flare. My love sun is smiling on me and all is well again. So far away yet always pleasantly present is your life sustaining love that I can never get enough of. I thank God every day for my Love Sun that is you.


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