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Value: Virtue or Vixens?

Value: Virtue or Vixens?

“Hector, you leaving?”
“Yea, I’ll be back in a couple of hours.”
“Where are you going? I don’t know why I asked that stupid question, I know exactly where you’re going.”

Hector curled the brim on his pale green fisherman hat as he pulled it down on his head while smiling in the mirror. He was off to his favorite watering hole where he spent many an afternoon and evening. Hector kissed his loving wife before trotting out the front door. Twenty minutes later he was bellied up to the bar at the Pine Hills Chili’s sipping on a Coors Light draft. Hector and the young bartender Julio had become fast friends over the prior two years.

“Julio tu come chocha?”

Julio burst out in laughter; he always enjoyed Hectors vulgar sexual jokes. Both men were married, restless and reluctantly faithful to their spouses so flirting and joking about the ladies was an unhealthy sexual outlet they both enjoyed. Julio, still in his late twenties halfheartedly fought off the advances of female customers and co workers on a daily bases. He feared loosing the special love he had at home in the form of his loving wife and his seven month old son Julio Jr. Hector now semi retired in his late fifties allowed his jovial comments to cross the line into sexual propositions. He always did it with a smile and a punch line but it was obvious that he was very open to the idea of a little hot sex on a platter. Whispers and jeers, laughter leading to tears; Hector was trying to turn back the years. There was no love lacking in his marriage only the insecurities of an aging man, he was loved mightily by his family. As men gray, they desire to play; they want to know if they’re still worthy of a lay. Men’s egos are stroked by the attentions of young ladies with corporal curves, bright eyes and inviting smiles. Hector loved it all, he wasn’t a bad looking guy but he was searching for reassurance as the sobering effects of time and age on his mind and body set in now that he was approaching sixty. Luckily, he knew of a youth serum; a cocktail of Coors Light and the company of attractive women. Beer buzz and the whiff of a young girl’s perfume as he whispered little nothings in her ear instantly made him twenty-five again.

Hector could talk, people liked him. The man was experienced in the ways of the world so many of his advances were welcomed by the varied voluptuous vixens. That was how he liked them, with a little meat on their bones.

“You know Julio, I need some cushin’ for the pushin.”

Julio cracked a smile and shook his head as he turned to greet two new bar guest. Hector slapped the bar and laughed at his own comment then turned around and waved at the waitress he was speaking of. Donna was a tall thick brunette in her mid twenties, the mother of one. She was unhappily involved with an unemployed mechanic named Joey who still couldn’t find the time or energy to repair her vehicle despite being home all day. Joey had another girlfriend named Mary Jane that kept him pinned to the couch all day everyday. She robbed him of his ambition just as she had done many others before. Donna had grown tired. The young waitress calmly, compassionately confided; Hector wisely listened. He knew what women wanted; they wanted to be listened to. Hector also knew not to insult her man either. He would just show her how much more of a man he was by his actions. She would eventually draw her own conclusion. Fortunately for him he was a very experienced mechanic and owned his own business, H-I Auto.

“Donna don’t worry about your car, I’ll fix it for you.”

Donna stepped back and looked Hector over.

“Hector you know how to fix cars?”

Hector leaned back on his stool and opened his eyes wide at her making a funny face.

“Yea chica, I know how to fix cars.”

He reached into his pocket pulled out a wallet then retrieved a business card from it. He handed it to Donna. She smiled as she read the orange card in her hands. Hector showed a sexy smile of his own as Donna leaned back in.

“So Hector, when we gonna get together so that you can fix my car. You want to come to my house to fix it?”

Hector frown his brow giving her a skeptical look before answering.

“I don’t want to cause no problem between you and your man by me being at your house.”

Donna put her arm around Hector’s shoulder then gave him a squeeze.

“He’s going to be out of town for two weeks and when he comes back I’m gonna put his ass out. We already talked about it. So, how much you gonna charge me anyway?”

Donna smiled seductively. Hector pulled her between his legs as he sat on the stool and whispered in her ear.

“Baby, I’m sure we can work something out.”

He kissed her on the cheek and gave her a pat on the back side. She wiggled and giggled.

“Ok, I’ve got to get back to work now but, I’ll give you a call Tuesday morning when I’m off.”

They embraced one last time then she trotted off. Hector bit his bottom lip as he watched every step. He began fantasizing about the beauty’s bouncing backside and how it felt in his hands. Suddenly he was snapped out of his dream by Julio.

“Hector, come show Cameron a picture of you when you were young!”

Hector smiled and turned to see the handsome dark muscular bartender standing in front of him with a wide gapped toothed smile.

“Hector, what kind of joke you and Julio playing now? You got a picture on your phone of you when you were young?”

Hector proceeded to tell the man how he indeed had a picture of himself when he was young. He pretended to be searching through his cell phone to find the picture while talking to Cameron. Then he turned the screen to Cameron and there stood a horse with erect penis. All three men burst out in laughter.

“Yea, that was me when I was young. I’m a little older now but I look about the same.”

Cameron responded still laughing.

“Hector you crazy man.”

The bartender turned to walk away so that he could set up when Hector had another question.

“Cameron! Tu’ come chocha?”

Again the three men laughed in unison. Hector enjoyed the company of the two younger men but he had no intentions of sharing his plans for Donna with them for several reasons. He and his wife sometimes came in together and he didn’t want her to find out what he was up to. Hector’s wife saw him as a wolf but thought him to be harmless for the most part. She understood a man’s needs and feelings as he aged. Hector didn’t want to cause Donna any embarrassment in her workplace either. He knew that he was much older and some of her coworkers might chastise her for sleeping with him. Hector was also careful not to tell so that no one could foil his fantasy. That night he left the bar and went home, counting the hours until his chore of choice for chocha. Thirty-seven hours to go.

The next night Hector returned to Chili’s and sought Donna out to iron out the details for the next day. He caught her in the hallway on his way to the restroom.

“Hey Donna, how you doing tonight baby?”

Donna walked up to Hector and gave him a warm hug.

“I’m doing good Hector but I can’t wait to get off. Are we still on for tomorrow?”

Hector smiled wide, grateful that she hadn’t changed her mind.

“Yes of course honey, what time you want me to come by?”
“How about nine, after I drop my son off to school.”

Donna pulled a slip of paper from her apron and wrote down her address on it then briefly gave Hector directions before handing it to him. Before she walked away she had one last instruction for him.

“Oh and Hector, I know that you’re going to get real dirty working on my car. You might want to bring a change of clothes if you want to clean up at my house.”

She smiled and Hector felt himself becoming slightly erect under his jeans.

“Ok, I definitely will.”

Having completed his mission, Hector had one more beer then paid his tab.

“Hector where you going so early tonight?”
“Oh Julio, I got to get up early tomorrow. I got a job to do.”
“Alright Hector I’ll see you later.”

Hector trotted towards the front door and looked to his left to see Donna talking to two guests sitting in her section. He gave her a wave goodbye, she smiled and waved back. Hector felt on top of the world as he drove home, tomorrow couldn’t come fast enough.

Early to rise, eager to work. The devoted nurse stroked the head of her husband of twenty plus years. She kissed her husband on the cheek and told him goodbye as he pretended to be asleep. As she exited the bedroom Hector opened one eye and looked over at the alarm clock on his night stand. It was only six thirty in the morning, still two and a half hours to go. He tried to sleep but he was too anxious and restless to dose off. Hector got up and packed a bag then loaded it in his truck. Then he arranged his tools and loaded them up as well. Hector cursed to himself.

“Damn, it’s still only seven-twenty.”

He made himself a light breakfast and ate slowly while looking at the news. When he finished he got up to take a shower. As the warm water poured over him, Hector got lost in thoughts of Donna. He held himself in his hand. More intense was the moment becoming, easing his anxiety. Twenty minutes later he emerged from the shower relaxed and refreshed after his release. He wanted to be sure to be at his best. Premature ejaculation would ruin his experience with the young beauty. Finally it was quarter after eight and Hector started to feel a little nervous. He knew that he could fix the car with no problem but he was slightly worried about the other deed he was to perform. Suddenly his cell phone rang at eight thirty, it was Donna.

“Hola chica. How are you this morning?”

Donna giggled.

“I’m fine and how are you this morning Hector?”
“I’m good, real good.”
“You sound like you’re in high spirits. I was calling to tell you that I’ll be home in about twenty minutes if you wanted to start heading my way.”
“Sure, sure I can leave right now.”
“Ok baby well I’ll see you when you get there.”
“Ok, I’ll see you soon.”

She hung up and Hector could feel that the moment of truth was upon him. He splashed on some more cologne and then took the bottle to pack in his bag. As he closed the medicine cabinet he caught a glimpse of the container holding his magic blue pills. He opened the cabinet back up.

“What the hell?”

He took two pills and popped them in his mouth. He thought to himself that it couldn’t hurt. He wasn’t quite the horse he once was when he was younger. Hector intended on being impressive.

He arrived at her door and Donna greeted him with a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

“You smell good Hector.”
“Not half as good as you look sweetie.”

Donna giggled then led Hector by the hand to where her car was parked. She discussed with him what the problem was and he instantly knew what he had to do to fix the vehicle.

“Now I’m gonna go inside and take me a shower so that I can change into something a little more comfortable.”

She gave an inviting smile then twisted her way back inside the house. Hector once again took in every step. Once she was out of sight he started on the car working at a furious pace. In less than thirty minutes the car was started up and he test drove it around the block three times. Hector parked the car back in its spot then retrieved his bag from his truck. He rang the doorbell and was greeted by Donna in a sexy semi see through teddy. The Viagra took effect and Hector started to rise. He put his bag in front of his erection in a weak attempt to hide it. Donna saw and he became more proud than embarrassed.

“Come inside so you can get cleaned up.”

Hector walked in; Donna hugged him around his neck and gave him another kiss on the cheek.

“Oh Hector thank you so much baby. You’re a life saver”
“Oh it was nothing baby.”

She pointed him to the bathroom and he rushed in. Hector smiled at himself in the mirror and started to talk to himself.

“You still got it boy, you still got it. I’m gonna give her the time of her life.”

He started washing his hands and then he slipped off his wedding ban. He placed it in the soap dish then looked back up into the mirror still smiling. Hector eased into the shower scrubbing hard and singing. He made it quick as he got out and dried himself off. Hector danced in the mirror while putting on his cologne and deodorant. He quickly put on his clothes and packed his bag back up. He was happy to see that his friend was still with him, he was still a horse. Then he grabbed his wedding ban out of the soap dish.
Suddenly out of nowhere his wife’s pretty face flashed through his mind. The thought of her lovely smile and the way she looked at him made him warm inside. He could see her checking on patients and spreading her joy throughout the hospital. His home, children and grandchildren visited his thoughts as well. Suddenly he lost his desire for debauchery and destitute decisions. Erection escaping, morality gained momentum in his mind. He realized that he had already accomplished his mission. Women still desired him and most of all, his wife and family loved him unconditionally. He had done a good deed in helping a young single mother get her vehicle back in working condition. Hector knew that it should end there. He slipped his wedding ban back on his finger took a deep breath and then looked into the mirror once again. Wisdom and experience stared back at him; for that he was appreciative. He exited the bathroom to see Donna bent over retrieving her TV remote control from the floor. Hector had to admit to himself that it was truly a sensational sight but it did not dissuade him from doing what was right.

“Um Donna, I’m sorry baby but I’ve got to go.”
“Where you going Hector.”
“I’ve got an emergency with my son, that boy is always getting into to something.”

Donna gave a look of disappointment, she liked what she had seen earlier at the front door and had actually grown curious about the older man’s sexuality.

“Are you sure you have to go?”

He walked over and put his hand on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry but yea, I’ve got to go.”
“You think you might come back a little later?”
“I don’t know sweetheart but, I don’t think so.”

She gave him a hug and walked him to the door.

“Ok well bye then Hector.”
“Bye baby, I’ll talk to you later.”

Hector exited her residence and climbed into the cab of his truck. Slight regret passed through his mind but it was quickly stamped out by rational thought. Hector refused to loose his love while longing for lust. This was a day when normally he would go to the bar but instead today he decided to do some grocery shopping and prepare his wife a huge dinner. It later dawned on Donna that Hector didn’t actually have an emergency; she understood and respected why he had to leave. More respect was garnered for the man’s generosity rather than his gregariousness. Hector’s itch had been scratched and he no longer needed the considerations of young women to complete him. His night was completed with a wonderful meal and virile vigorous lovemaking to his now very valued and always virtuous wife.


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