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Oath of Hypocrisy

Oath of Hypocrisy

Nicole Jackson, thirty year dedicated employee of Motion Packing, had her employment status changed from full to part time employee due to the American economic failures in the last days of the George W. Bush administration. With her reduced hours and pay came a loss of medical benefits as well. Additional part time employment was sought and accepted by Ms. Jackson to subsidize her income during the trying times of $4.00- $5.00 gas prices. Three months earlier, the war in Iraq claimed her eldest nephew whom she loved like a son. Never having children of her own, grief struck her especially hard. Strong, full of faith and diligent she remained in the face of adversity. Her part time employment as a waitress exposed her to bacteria, viruses and illness causing germs from the restaurant’s patrons during cold and flu season. Nicole fell ill. Her illness got worse. Medical attention was needed after eight days of steadily declining health. Adequate treatment was not provided, no health care. An upper respiratory infection developed into pneumonia and was treated tardily with a prescription for antibiotics; no x-rays or blood work was taken. Ms. Jackson, sent home to heal herself, was assisted by members of her home church to no avail. Hospitalized five days later after another turn for the worse, Nicole Jackson fought to live. Medicare was applied for on her behalf. Just a matter of time before the government would approve her coverage. Now more in depth medical treatment and even surgery was needed, time was of the essence. Doctors refused to provide the necessary medical treatment without first securing payment for their services. In the day and age of HMOs and restriction laden medical plans, the doctors were well within their rights to deny Nicole the life saving treatments she so desperately needed. She was sent home again and the church prayed. They prayed that the Lord’s will be done. She was comforted by members of her congregation and peace was given in the form of the Lord’s love and the knowledge that she would soon be with him. Nicole Jackson went home to meet her Lord and Savior hours later. A letter was received at her residence three days after her return to her father’s side, her Medicare had been approved.

A code of ethical conduct is no longer upheld or valued by the American healthcare system, only the all mighty dollar. New physicians commonly take an oath to determine their intentions and moral conduct during their service as a practicing medical professional. The Hippocratic Oath is now just a hollow statement of formality that young doctors make in order to start raking in the doe. It should now be called the “Oath of Hypocrisy” because it seems that the new millennium physician is nothing more than a hypocrite when he or she professes his or her desire to practice medicine as a way of serving mankind. They practice medicine to make money! I know this because to them, if treating a patient don’t make them dollars, then trying to save a life don’t make much sense.
Oath of

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