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Panicked for Pills

Panicked for Pills

Tommy Tyler and Tyler Taylor sat side by side scratching themselves on the couch in the garage of the Taylor home. Tommy’s scratching was a side effect caused by his drug of choice the powerful pain killer oxycodone. Tyler’s scratching was just one of the many withdraw symptoms he was suffering from due to not having one of his two favorite drugs, heroin or methadone. He cooked his last spoon the night before. They both indulged in any and all drugs. The boys naturally gravitated towards each other when the Taylor family moved into the sleepy Ocoee neighborhood three years earlier. Being the same age with similar names, interest and living in proximity of one another made it very easy for the boys to become the best of friends. Over the past eighteen months, interest such as skateboarding, surfing and video games shared between the two were replaced with drugs, porn and alcohol. They now lived to get high and were dubbed the leaders of the “Ocoee Stoners”. The stoners were a group of kids in school who got high as frequently as possible before, during and after school. One year past graduation, the boys’ addiction had gotten stronger so they had to do more desperate things to support their habits. There was now no measure they wouldn’t go to, to secure their vice.

“Tommy you got any more oxy man, I’m hurtin’.”

Tyler scratched his neck then put his face in his palms massaging his forehead with his fingertips. He ran his fingers back through his greasy hair then suddenly snapped his head up angrily when his friend didn’t respond quickly enough.

“Dude, did you hear what the fuck I said!”

Tommy had taken his last three pills and was feeling a little lethargic; he was slow to answer slurring his words incoherently.

“Naw dude… I…I… I ate my last ones.”

Tommy’s head moved slowly back and forth like a broken bobble head doll before finally resting his chin on his chest where a drop, then stream of drool was deposited. Tyler stood up and started pacing, searching his mind for ways of coming up with money for drugs. Not much time would he be allowed before he became unbearably dope sick. He lit a cigarette and thought harder. His parents had grown somewhat distrustful of him over a year ago after several thefts, so there was nothing in the house that he could sell or pawn with ease. No loose money, check books, credit cards, nothing. There was nothing to steal that wasn’t literally bolted down.

Tyler pushed the wall door bell and let up the garage door, sunlight flooded the once dark shadowy garage. He stepped out into his driveway and looked for passers by, maybe he’d get lucky and see somebody he knew that would get him high. Just then, Tommy awoke from his drug induced trance and wiped his mouth. With mouth clear of slobber and working again, Tommy spoke up with a plan of action.

“Hey dude, you know that pharmacy over on Clark?”
“Yea, I know the one.”
“Well I know this chick that used to work there and she said that they ain’t really got no security there. There’s just the pharmacist and her assistant, that’s it. We could just go in there, demand all the drugs and then drive off dude.”

A sinister grin covered Tyler’s face as he began to visualize himself getting high in the near future.

“Alright Tommy you drive and I’ll go in and get the pills. First we need to make a list of all the pills we want so that I can read them off to the pharmacist.”

The boys compiled a list of thirty different kinds of pain pills, muscle relaxers and sedatives to present to the pharmacist during their heist. Tommy gathered himself and got behind the wheel after Tyler put on all black clothes, black mask and white gloves. Tommy dropped Tyler off at the entrance of the small pharmacy and then pulled around to the back. Tyler eased his way into the front door and immediately made his way behind the counter to where the pharmacist and her assistant were standing. Her assistant was on the telephone and Tyler ordered her to hang the phone up. She was on a call with an agent of the state of Florida so she just put the receiver down allowing them to listen to what was going on.

“This is a robbery; get me every thing on this list, now!”

Without speaking the pharmacist reached to her right and pushed the button for the silent alarm. The police were now also notified so she started to get the drugs that the robber requested.

“Hurry up!”

Tyler demanded form behind his mask. He brandished a knife to encourage the ladies to move faster. Tyler went back to the entrance of the pharmacy and locked it. After they filled his sack full of drugs he started to tie them up. Just then the pharmacist saw an Orange County Deputy show up at the front door and she signaled to him notifying him that there was indeed a robbery taking place on the premises. Tyler couldn’t resist popping a few pills once he had his victims gagged and tied; in his mind the entire situation was under control. The two ladies were calm and docile during the entire ordeal allowing him to subjugate them.

This unfortunately was not their first time being robbed by junky teens in need of a fix. From their experience they learned that if you give them the drugs that they want without much resistance, the robbery would be over in minutes with no harm done to them. They understood that the thief only wanted to get high. Meanwhile outside the pharmacy, Tommy was being slammed to the concrete, put in handcuffs and ushered into the back of a police cruiser. Tyler emerged from the back door into the alley feeling exhilarated, victorious and high before quickly meeting the same fate as his pal. Side by side they rode down to the county jail, both in a trance from the drugs they had consumed. Surprisingly Tyler was just happy to finally be high; he hadn’t given much thought to how much trouble he might be in or how much time he might serve for his crimes.

Both teens were sent to prison and received drug treatment; only one of the two lads would it help. Tommy was released into a new world of sobriety within his first five months of incarceration. Eighteen months afterwards a welcome home celebration was had at the Tyler home for their only son’s return. It was a bitter –sweet occasion due to his friends overdose in prison five months earlier. Unfortunately the Taylors couldn’t bring themselves to attend the festivities because of the grief they still suffered from due to their son’s death and resentment they harbored in their hearts for Tommy. Blame had to be placed somewhere. They had yet to accept responsibility for their indifference, complacency and lack of discipline in their son’s development into adolescence. This is where the problem lay. He was never held accountable by his parents for any of his actions; probably because they still struggled with finding accountability for their own.

Panicked for Pills

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