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“I know what you’re saying girl but you know he love me and I ain’t never been like this for nobody before.”
“But he put his hands on you girl.”
“I made him do it. I’m always pushin’ him to get real mad and stuff.”
“That ain’t no excuse to for him to beat you down like he did. He shattered your eye socket girl; don’t you remember all of that blood everywhere?”
“You know I always been a bleeder and I bruise easy.”
“I guess your bones break easy too?”
“Yes, they do, actually. I need more vitamin D, phosphorus or something”
“Yea right, if it was no problem well why did you call the police, me and everybody else then get a restraining order if you weren’t afraid for your life?”
“The police made me sign all off that stuff and I just called ya’ll so that ya’ll could get him to calm down. That’s all.”
“But he didn’t calm down, did he? Instead he stomped you unconscious and ran out of the apartment like a coward before anyone could get to his sorry ass!”
“This is between me and him, we have a baby together.”
“Does he know that baby’s name? I ask that because I ain’t never seen him holding him or talking to him. We know he ain’t providen’ for him either because he wont keep a job.”
“I love him, why can’t ya’ll understand that?”
“Is it true what Tameka said that you went to court and told a shameful lie to keep him out of jail?”
“If I didn’t they were going to charge him with a domestic violence charge and lock him up.”
“So you told a judge that this man wasn’t your boyfriend or baby daddy; ya’ll was just having sex every now and then. He said that you were just a booty call, somebody he poked once in a while. He made the mother of his child pose as a ho just so he wouldn’t have face the consequences for beating you. You let him violate your body, soul and mind and now you let him assassinate your character too. Be careful, he knows now that he can do anything to you and you will always defend him. Your life is I danger.”
“Stop being so dramatic; oh I gotta go girl, Larry’s home.”

Cynthia Marie Jones 06-12-85- 10-27-08 receptionist 23 mother of one survived by son Larry Jones, Mother, Mary Jones and Sister Carol Jones. Cynthia, member of Mt. Fountain Church, services to be held 11-02-08.

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