Needy Needs Needy


Needy needs needy. Some of us are so needy that we have convinced ourselves that we just can’t do it on our own. We need someone to assist us in everything we do, so we believe. Others of us need to be needed. Instead of kicking that grown bird out of the nest, we still try to regurgitate food for them to swallow. We need them to always need us because it makes us feel valued. Enablers and underachieving dependents are different but very similar. One may be overbearing and the other plain lazy but they are both needy just the same.


Move From Me Middleman


Middleman move yourself away from me. Playing both side of the fence you say “I ain’t got nothing to do with it, I’m staying out of it or my name is Benet and I ain’t in it.” Yet you find yourself in the middle of everything because that’s where you continually place yourself. As a matter of fact you actually keep things going always being in the middle. People, if the middleman is over there dabbling in evil then coming to you claiming to be uninvolved they’re lying. Sometimes the middleman is more your enemy than your enemy.

Man On The Run


Man on the run; running from past mistakes, current responsibilities and problems on the horizon. Never stop and fight, keep running. Papa the rolling stone. Cross someone, skip town before the other shoe drops. Father that child, make your escape before the state can hold you responsible. You’ll never be whole until you take control. Man up, face your failures and right the wrongs. Be proactive, prepare for tomorrow. Or instead, keep running until you hit that wall. Life has a way of always catching up with you.

Losses Cut, Amen


Sometimes having your losses cut for you can be one of the greatest gifts. You may view it as failure initially but it may be God just trying to save you a little time and heartache. Some things can seem so sunny and bright, the greatest opportunity ever but in actuality it’s nothing but the same thing you’ve resisted in the past dressed up a little differently. Be wary of the “pretty bow” people put on things to make them seem so attractive. Things of substance reveal their own value.

Self Accountability?


What ever happened to self accountability folks. It seems these days no one is man or woman enough to stand up and face the music. They want to dance the dance but they never want to pay the piper. It’s always someone else fault. Point your finger at someone else; try as you may to minimize your culpability. It’s not your fault; it’s never your fault. In your eyes you’re always the victim, why are they doing this to you? You’re constantly being persecuted by someone because you’re never wrong. Self accountability?

Take All Of Me


If you want me, you have to take all of me. No one is all good or all bad; we all have different sides, moods, shortcomings and attributes. If there was no bad, how could we ever appreciate the good? You want to be with me in my times of greatness? Okay well then I’ll need you to also stand by me in defeat. If you want to pop the champagne you have to also help lick the wounds. If you really want me… you’re going to have to take all of me.

Leaping Without Looking


Look before you leap. Give it some thought before you make that rash decision or have that outburst. The instant satisfaction and gratification you feel might be real but fleeting. There are consequences for all of our actions in this life. We can be oh so right yet handle a situation oh so wrong. Now instead of people seeing how right you are, they only see how wrong you handled the situation. Stop, look, listen and THINK before you act. Blindly jumping off the handle can land you in some real hot water.