Mirror Me


Sometimes people try to mirror you to gain your affections. They form themselves into exactly what they believe you want, but a lie can only live as long as its owner’s stamina for it. Eventually the real them comes to the forefront and you feel deceived causing your heart pain. We all play the fool sometimes no matter how good a judge of character we may be.


Your #1 Fan!


So happy to be happy for you, my heartening and applause is true. Cheerfully I celebrate your accomplishments and achievements. I joyfully shout my approval of your efforts, rooting for you all the way through the finish line. Your eloquent encourager I shall remain, elevating you to great heights of success and fame. I may not always know your plan but I will continue to support you with all that I am; forever yours, your number one fan.

Sky Full Of Eyes


Everything is seen and heard. In the past God was the only one who saw all, now we all do. Before, just the streets were talking now we all weigh in on other people’s lives. There is no privacy, we have all been unmasked. Big Brother has that eye in the sky and now we all live under a microscope. Always being watched, always being seen, everyone is a reporter with their own camera, microphone and social media outlet. Discretion is definitely dead.

Sobered By Love


Drunken love or drunk in love? I don’t know much about that. The love that my wife offers me is very sobering. My eyes are now open to the beauty of love. Intoxicating? No, our love is exhilarating. This love fuels us, gets our motors going. Most of what we do is because of and out of love. Your love got you tipsy, well mine gets me lifted now knowing what God intended in this beautiful union between woman and man. Sobered by love.

Un-Holding Her

our love

It hurts to un-hold her. Once I have her in my arms; I never want to let her go. I spread my arms wide and she lovingly walks into my embrace, caressing my back and squeezing me tight. Life happens, we need to part ways. One last squeeze before we pry ourselves apart. She goes on her way and I go on mine; now my arms are empty. My arms are empty but my heart stays full, full of your love… until our next embrace.

Smile In A Sea Of Frowns


Greet me with a scowl; I’ll defeat it with a smile. A friend not a foe I look to make everyday; I hope you feel the same way. If you’re making unfriendly eye contact with me I’ll offer you a salutation. My friendliness softens your hardened face and allows your eyes to show joy. You return my greeting; now both of our days have been brightened. Greet me with a scowl; I’ll defeat it with a smile.

The Best Day


The best day is the day spent in bed with the one you love. You wake, you make love and you eat then find slumber, repeat. Cell phones off, no one in the world exists that day but the two of you, cuddled up watching an old movie. A storm blows in; rain tickling your window pain the pitter patter of the precipitation causes your nature to rise again. Make love, eat and find more slumber, the best of days.