defining scars

Time heals all wounds, emotional, physical and mental. The scars left behind are a reminder of past hurts that we should have learned from. No two scars are the same and incurring similar scars is insane. Wisdom should be gained, but to not learn from our past is more than a mistake, it’s a shame. Those who don’t learn from those past hurts and pains are doomed to suffer them again.


Your Love… The Gift That Keeps Giving


The greatest gift I ever receive every Christmas is the gift of your love, it is truly the gift that keeps giving. You are truly the Blessing they spoke of for my heart was so empty before you filled it with your love. Sometimes I whisper “I love you” while you’re sleeping and no matter how deep of a sleep you’re in you always respond “I love you too Baby.” Season change, your love remains the same yet grows stronger everyday. Today we celebrate the birth of our Savior; HIS Blood was the ultimate gift its true. But in this world there is no greater gift than the love in my life that is you.

The Gift Of The Blood


Celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the date may be debated but our God’s selfless acts cannot. This is the reason for the season for believers, for the retailers not so much. To them it’s all about getting as much cream out of the cash cow that is now the pagan holiday we call Xmas. We are duped into thinking we need to buy many extravagant gifts to show and prove our love. Happy Holidays? As we gather together under the tree this year let’s not lose sight of what brought us all together, The Gift! The gift of our sins being washed away by the Blood our loving and benevolent Jesus shed to save us so that we may spend eternity in heaven alongside our Father Who Art In Heaven, of only we believe. If you are a believer, you have a whole lot more to be thankful for than any or the little trinkets this world has to offer. Have a Blessed and Merry CHRISTmas.

It Could All Be So Simple

“This could all be so simple, but I see you’d rather make it hard.”

Ralph didn’t answer; he just looked off in the distance, back turned to her.

“We both agreed and now it seems that you don’t want to cooperate. I don’t understand Ralph, why are we going through this?”

Still he didn’t answer.

“So what, are you not speaking to me now?”

He had nothing to offer.

“Okay fine, you keep it then.”

Sally tossed the doll across the room hitting Ralph in the back with it. She turned on a dime and walked towards the front door. He wanted to call out to her but his pride silenced him. He never turned to watch her walk out. He could only hear her heels on the hard tiles. A tear rolled down his cheek as he heard her close the front door for the last time, crank her car up and pull away. Ralph turned and looked down at the doll lying at his feet. His tears fell like rain wetting the doll’s face. The value of the doll given to the former couple as a gift from a collector didn’t matter to him. He knew Sally loved it, so initially he wanted to take it just to hurt her. Later as the day of their break up drew closer he realized that the doll would be the last thing he had of her. She slept with it every night and held it tight just like she used to do him. Now the doll was all his; a reminder of what a fool, in love, he had been causing him to be the lonely fool he is now.doll



What is it that you do great? How often are you doing it? To get the most from our talents and abilities we have to invest time and effort into developing them. It’s great to be blessed with a natural aptitude to achieve much but you will never experience the fullness of your gifts without hard work and dedication. Many obstacles lie in the road of life; please don’t let your lack of effort be one of them.

Empty Nest Still Full


Enjoy your empty nest. Sometimes as parents we define ourselves as only that, parents. Don’t dread the day that your baby birds spread their wings and fly away, encourage it. They need to go out, experience the world, live their own lives and make their own mistakes. They’ll return bringing knowledge, wisdom and experience gained allowing you to rest easy and finally step down from your perch.

Praying For The Teller

bad teller

A lady rushes to her bank before work to deposit her last thirty-five dollars in an effort to keep from bouncing her tithe check. She has overdraft protection but she wanted to avoid her account going into the negative. Before she left her home, she checked her account, it still held $175.00. Finally at the bank she makes her thirty-five dollar deposit. The teller takes her money, deposits it them remarks. “You know your account is in the negative.” The woman becomes livid, she explained that she just checked her account the asked… “Why wouldn’t you tell me that ahead of time? Why would you take what is obviously my last bit of money and then tell me that? Now I can’t use my account and I have no cash!” The teller had no compassion, she wouldn’t return the money. The lady called her sister on the way to work to vent but her sister had a different take on things. “You know you’re not broke. I owe you twenty bucks from last month when we went shopping. I’ll give it to you today, plus interest.” Her sister was touched. “You don’t have to do that.” “Yes I do. We should always be a Blessing to one another, you were a Blessing to me last month and now I can be a Blessing to you. But more importantly, don’t be mad at that lady at the bank. Pray for her, I feel bad for her for what she missed out on.” Her sister was now left puzzled. So, she continued on. “She had an opportunity to be a Blessing in someone’s life but instead she used that opportunity to cause you strife. You would be singing her praises for being thoughtful enough to warn you but instead you think little of her because she was so callous. Pray for her heart to be softened and changed; you need not worry you’ll always be fine. Your faith will always keep you and God will always Bless you.”