Right… With You

doing right

I will always be right with you, sometimes despite you. But, I want to be right… with you. By your side in righteousness I want to be but first you have to be doing right. I will never let you down or leave you high and dry but please don’t lead me to the fires of inequity in your defense. I will pull you out and beat the flames from you but my support you will no longer have because of your wrong. I want to be right… with you.


Change Embraced

man change

Change often comes unexpectedly with a bit of worry and maybe even a little fear. The change can be quite uncomfortable, well until the reason for the change becomes clear. That change brought on emotions of different extremes far and near. Fortunately that change has eventually brought prosperity and a different emotion behind that tear. JOY!

Destiny, Find Yours


My destiny is for just me and yours is just for you. We all have a different calling in this life and varied talents too. How true we are to that calling and serving with the gifts we’ve been given lures the success we woo. When this world treats us cruel and our gifts go unappreciated try to refrain from feeling blue. For our wonderful deeds are always appreciated by the Supreme Being and our Blessings are coming, so continue to do what you’re called to do.

The Stain On Her Train


Don’t you be the stain on her train. Today is her special day, but it’s always got to be about you. The beautiful bride all dressed in white evokes joy in most onlookers but instead breeds envy in your heart. Forever the bride’s maid, never the bride you hold on to your jealous pride. Snarky, critical comments you make exposing your true colors to those gathered at this Blessed event of unity. They look upon you with disdain but from sharing insults you can’t refrain. Your loneliness and jealousy has caused you great pain, so you share your hurt with little shame. Resentment for her happiness burns in your heart a steady flame. That’s why you just can’t abstain from being that stain on her beautiful white train.

Dreams No Longer Fallow


No longer are her dreams left fallow; the seed, finally planted during the ideal growing season. This time she will nourish it with the love and enthusiasm it needs to grow. Prolonged procrastination has prevented pleasure through plausible productivity for she possesses power in her pen worthy of praise. Erudition in encouragement, she inspires those who aspire to chase dreams of their own. It is her dream now that will come to fruition as she has taken the first tentative steps towards personal greatness. Providential and privileged are persons under the pour of her profound prose. Probing then piercing, her words penetrate the soul of all within earshot. Woven together, her expressions enclose utterances of tensile strength fortifying unique thought.

Yesterday was the first day and a beginning to the inevitable. The inevitable being her success. When she succeeds, we all achieve because she is one of our chosen.

Her declaration of determination to achieve has assured that her dexterity will never again be devoured by doubt. Diacritical diction, dibbled into the domes of the dimwitted which they will dawn as unseen diadem, she’s destined to deliver. Congratulation and Appreciation I hold for her for she is ultra-deserving of both. Anxiously I am awaiting her accomplishments so that I may celebrate her triumph and it’s reaching for us all. Sincere thought and support breeds more, so that is what I give to you today in return for what you have given me.

Remember, the realization of your dream is the realization of our dream so please remain diligent and committed. You represent our pride and future, so you must do what you are called to do. We need you to