Scorning a Loving Woman


To scorn a woman who you’ve professed your love for and only wants to love you, is you spoiling your own love joy. The love you two shared brought you so much sweet joy but now you’ve betrayed it and it is slowly beginning to curdle. You may have been forgiven but that loving woman has soured on you. The trust is rotting away; your once loving relationship now shows signs of decay. Her love for you slowly decomposes, until she’s done… all because you wanted to have a little fun.


Head of the Family


Family sacrifice, suffering for family is common to every matriarch and patriarch. Enduring being humbled and ridiculed while swallowing great pride you must sometimes do just to provide for them. This you accomplish with often no fan fare and very little praise, supplying them with their needs and wants. “Your reward you may never see in this lifetime but God is watching. The treasures earned for your stewardship this world cannot hold but Heaven most certainly can.” Cam Rascoe

Upper Hand, Empty Hand

upper hand

What good is having the upper hand if there is no one there to hold it? You go hard in your relationship, keenly focused on winning every argument and always getting your way. It’s your way or the highway and they better know it! Domineering and overbearing you pride yourself on being. In control, you’ve always got the wheel. Blind to how your behavior is wearing on your loving partner, you continue to act out. Love is lost and eventually exits your life. You never saw it coming. Again, what good is having the upper hand if there is no one there to hold it?

Who Are We But Who We Are?


Who are we but who we are? Even the greatest thespian who is identifiable to the world only by the character he or she plays can’t escape him or herself. When the cameras turn off and the bright lights go dim we are only left with ourselves, the selves we know. Unmasked, you bare your soul to yourself. You know you, the real you. If you are not happy with you, the real you; no praise or accolades the world offers will ever truly bring you joy.