The Marriage You Make


Marriage is just like life, it’s what you make it. That relationship is a living thing that needs to be fed just like our minds, bodies and souls. That marriage doesn’t consume sun, food and water. Instead, it is nourished with respect, appreciation, faithfulness, sacrifice, dedication and most importantly, your love. Keep your marriage strong by exercising and feeding it these very important things. Because just like life… your marriage is what you make of it.


In-Laws Love?

Some in-laws treat you like blood; others would have nothing to do with you if they weren’t legally bound to call you family. You try your best to be loved by them but in their eyes you’ll never measure up. You engage them in conversation, they pretend not to hear. You try to do something kind for them, they rebuff your offering. There is always tension or an ill vibe in the air because their love for you never flows freely. You feel duty-bound to be accepted but sometimes you just have to love yourself enough to quit!