Love Frequency

Being in tune with or on the same vibe as your lover is important. Time, communication, energy and desire are what passion needs to take hold. When we’re on the same frequency with the one we love we get to make love to them more frequently. Love not lust places us on the same plane inducing us to meet physically in expressing our love. There will be peaks and valleys in any relationship but if we stay on the same love frequency our affectionate fervor for one another will forever flow.

love frequency


Love The World’s Children

love my child2

Do you love my children? I love yours. It’s been said that they are the future and we know this to be true. The love we pour into them today will be the love they offer to future generations through their deeds and actions. Our Father loves all of us, his children and I love yours. Will you love mine in return? They will soon rule this world; let’s help them by equipping them with the power of love. Teach them love, every one, and experience the change in this world.



Sometimes it’s all in the packaging. I bought a bag of frozen broccoli today because the picture on the bag looked fresher and more appetizing than the picture on another brand. It was ten cents more but they sold me on the packaging. Some people are gruff, frown and wear a scowl; they may be kind but you assume they aren’t because of the way they present themselves. Let your inner beauty show outwardly. Sometimes it’s all about the packaging.

Listen To Love

love listen

Why do we value what strangers think of us more than we value what our loved one thinks? Your husband can love you just the way you are and tell you so daily but if a catty woman at work makes a rude comment about your appearance it will cause you to question your beauty. Consider the source, listen to those who love you. Loved ones words hold more merit and weight than that of an acquaintance trying to share their pain. Listen to your love not your haters.

How to Destroy Your Daughter’s Self Worth and Image

bad mom 3

Smart, pretty, loving and athletic is eight year old Karen. Mom calls her a dumb, fat failure. Twenty-eight year old Karen is trapped in a loveless unhealthy relationship; saddled with four children and a sorry, unfaithful abusive man who won’t work to support his family. As Karen begins to see her true value, she struggles to find the courage and money to leave. Mom calls her a dumb, fat failure for being in such a horrible relationship in the first place. Great parenting mom.

I Love My Wife

The trials, tests, and tragedies we’ve endured has only made our bond stronger through the years. It’s not always easy but as long as I have your love I know that together we can make it through anything. I love you my Beautiful Bennie.

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