Rebirth After The Storm


A great fire burns destroying the old and withered. The land is scorched but what is left behind is enriched, nutrient filled soil. New vegetation grows healthy and strong. A great storm blows through tearing down trees and uprooting dead foliage. Trees are now pruned, the water table is raised and now new fruit can grow. Relationships are sometimes the same. The bad needs to be purged, express yourself, release your emotions, have a good cry. Understanding is gained, feelings are better understood; now we can get back to loving. Rebirth comes after the storm.





There needs to balance in every aspect of our lives. Doing too much of something often leaves something else undone. Paying too much attention to one aspect of your life leaves others neglected. “All work and no play makes Johnnie a dull boy.” All play and no work and Johnnie might starve. Relationships are the same. There has to be balance. Place too much on one side and everything might just turn upside down. Balance keeps us all in harmony. A balanced life is a happy life.

Time of Need

Our treatment of people in their greatest time of need reveals how good or horrible of a person we truly are. Married to your spouse for many years, you have your ups and your downs. They fall ill or become injured in need of great care. Do you have compassion, showing them the same love and respect you did when they were well or do you devalue them because they are not the man or woman they used to be? You can either show them the dignified respect that we are all deserving of or you can neglect and betray them because they are powerless to stop you. All of our darkest hours are coming, when that day arrives would you want someone like you caring for you?

time of need

Raising Boys To Be Boys

big baby

Mama, I know you love that boy, we love him too. But, sometimes you have to love him enough to say no! Put your foot down and demand respect from that boy you are raising to one day be a man. If you always treat him like a baby then that’s just what you’ll have; a big baby in your house. When that boy becomes of age he can either be a hindrance or an asset to your family. How you raise him as a child will determine which he will be.

Look To The Sky

look to the sky

This world has been turned upside down. Right is wrong and wrong is right. What was once thought to be logical is now viewed as radical. Our faith, belief and morals have to be skewed to fit into what our society deems to be true or just. We value nothing of substance and those with courage and conviction in their character are shunned by the masses. We cannot only be accepting of others’ inequities, we now have to agree and participate or be vilified. The last days and times of this world lay right before our eyes. I look to the sky.