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The Things We Endure for the Love of Our Families


We allow ourselves to be humbled by lesser men because we love our families so. Are forced to eat so much humble pie till we can’t stomach any more yet we take another bite. You handle other peoples’ waist while they chastise you in the hope that they’ll show some kindness in the form of gratuity. Much of what you earn is taken from you before you see it by a system designed to keep you down. Yet you still give your all, grin and bare it for family. Your good deeds are never rewarded or even made mention of until you’re being criticized for something else. All of the diligence, honesty and integrity you show is minimized while your one or two shortcomings are magnified. Your awesome talents and abilities mean nothing here. Those lesser men will have you sign documents forcing you to admit your fault in situations you feel you’re right. Sign you will, for the right to be abused another day. You have no advocate so you keep your head down and dredge through another shift for that small amount of joy and income your occupation offers you. Anger and frustration you suppress for the sake of those people you love so for you see the greater purpose. Strong in your faith, you believe there is a brighter day on the horizon. So you swallow your pride along with another piece of humble pie and take your meager wages back to your loved ones. There you vent, receive empathy and encouragement. As you look upon their sweet sleeping faces you realize once again what you do it for. Thankless and sometimes degrading is this piece of job you have but then you look around. Those pennies are helping to maintain this large home and provide for all of the beautiful people in it. Those pennies may not be much but they’re what you’ve got so you prepare yourself for another day of ridicule and under appreciation. One day at a time is how you take it, always thankful for the Blessing of a new opportunity. God knows your heart and your efforts so you hold it together for another day and the next. You will do what you need to do for those special people until you’re Blessed not to have to do it anymore. People believe, that time is coming but until then it’s back to the grind with the rest of the overworked underpaid. Oh the things we endure for the love of our families.


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