Gentlemen= Real Men


Are you in a relationship with a gentleman or a boy still trying to learn what being a man is? Is that door being held for you or does he just walk through it and leave it swinging in your direction? Does your chair get pulled out for you or does he sit first and then order you to sit as well? You are a lady, so why are you allowing yourself to be treated as less than what you are? Maybe it’s time you sent that boy back to be with his mama so that you can have the gentleman in your life that you deserve.


Creator Creating Within Me

Cam Praise

The creativity emitting from deep within me is not of me; it’s God given you see. For my ability I praise HE; for without Jesus my creation is incomplete. My hands may glide across the keyboard but it is Christ who inspires my imaginative artistic expression. HE places these words upon my heart for me to share with you. In doing so I serve my purpose while offering myself and others a bit motivation, inspiration, enlightenment and even a little peace. Thank you Creator for the creativity you have created within me. Amen.