About That Time Again

a beautiful bennie

Well IT’S ABOUT THAT TIME AGAIN. Time once again to offer great praise for the greatest woman I ever had the privilege to lay my weary eyes upon. It was time once again to be faced by great adversity, and like so many times before, you were my rock in the darkest hour. Such great beauty, faith and strength do you possess, my awesome bride. Strong, I can bench 500lbs but compared to you I’m a mere weakling. You carry the weight of this family and sometimes the world on your shoulders. Just two days ago after holding me down, you pulled a woman and child from a crushed vehicle on your commute to work. As the woman was going into shock you calmed her as well was her terrified son telling him just how brave and safe he was. A month earlier you were on the news warning the public about smash and grabs in the area and how they could better protect themselves. Children in Africa have been reading letters from kids at Robinswood Middle School for the past three years because of a program you started by sharing poetry. Pictures, videos and documentaries followed opening a new world to children here and there. In just the past three years you’ve coached eight soccer and softball teams, continually giving back to your community. Quest, our home Church, features an article on our family in the “Believe Beyond” publication that you contributed to. Always happy to tithe and donate your time and talents. Your offering to the world is immense and I’m grateful to have a front row seat to share in it all. For all of this and more… IT’S ABOUT THAT TIME AGAIN. Time for us to recognize that there is a superwoman in this world; her name is Katherine Ann Rascoe. I simply call her my Beautiful Bennie. You do all of this and still love us so strong. I thank God for you as my admiration for you grows daily. Celebrate you I should so periodically I need to express in words just how appreciative I am of you and how gratifying it is to be your husband. IT’S ABOUT THAT TIME AGAIN!

Love you Bennie,
Cam Rascoe


Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby?

is you is or is you aint my baby

“Is you is or is you ain’t my baby?” Love who loved me so well when dreaming of me loving you. Your love for me I always thought to be true but once you had me I saw the true you. Your baby is what you called me but now I get treated as just your maybe. Maybe I’ll see you, maybe you’ll commit; maybe you’ll find a way for our love to fit. I know love and this ain’t it; so tell me, is I is or is I ain’t you baby?