Falling House Of Cards

falling house of cards

Lies are like houses of cards. No matter how much you add on or try to support them they will eventually come crumbling down. Some people are living in a house of cards, their lives are lies. When their lies are unveiled their lives fall apart. The house the lies built comes crashing down. Build the home of your life with the mortar of truth. Steady and sturdy is truth, built to last. Wobbly and unstable are lies, doomed to eventually fall.


Your Star Awaits

your star is waiting

On the verge of greatness. Just a few steps away from reaching that ultimate goal. You hear success calling then harkening in the distance. She wants to be with you. The only thing stopping her from being with you is you. Those last few steps you haven’t taken yet are quite possibly the most enjoyable part of this long difficult journey you’ve been on. Your star is ready, she’s shining just for you. Take your rightful place, the fruits of you labor await you.

Un-Fulfilling Life

unfullfilling life


If you find your greatest joy in causing other people strife then you truly live a sad and unfulfilling life. Does someone else being sad make you glad; when they’re crying are you smiling? Is revenge and retribution high on your list of priorities? Is there more good or bad in your life? Now think, how happy are you? There may be a reason why… If you find your greatest joy in causing other people strife; you’ll truly live a sad and unfulfilling life.

Chasin’ Waterfalls


“Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to…” It’s good to step outside the box sometimes and do something a little different but safety is a must. Surrounding ourselves with unfamiliar people in foreign places can land us in dangerous situations. Everything that glitters is not gold, the stage is gorgeous until you pull back the curtain and see that the beautiful people often live very ugly lives. Please be careful not to expose yourself to unknown ugliness in search of a good time or to be accepted by those you admire. Stick to the waters you’re used to…. You know the depth.

Instead of a Rose…

Instead of Roses my Beautiful Bennie, I bought you a Rose bush for your birthday. Why a bush? Because you deserve continual flowers for all of the love you offer the world daily. A Rose is just a Rose, lasting but a few days after they bloom. Then, just as suddenly as they blossomed, they shrivel up and wilt. With a Rose bush you get fresh buds and blooms, beautiful petals soaking up the days’ rays and ever green stems armed with thorns. Every part of the bush is in a different stage of growth or decay. Ever renewing and regenerating is the Rose bush just as your love is.

So, when you look upon this bush just know that its beauty I liken to the beauty you possess inside and out, everlasting and true. The Rascoe Family celebrates this day, July 25th because it is the day that the love of our lives was birthed and the world gained another angel. You, like the Rose, stand out and above all of the other flowers with your sweet fragrance and velvet touch. Your scent is hypnotically intoxicating to me leaving your husband drunk on your love. I’m a lush for all that is you. Happy Birthday Beautiful Bennie Rascoe and may this Rose bush continue to grow more beautiful with each passing year just as you do. Majestic magnificent maturation, Mrs. Rascoe our Rose bush of Love.