Love And War


Is all fair in love and war? There is no love if you are at war. Love is the total opposite of war so why are you going through it? Not for love, maybe for revenge you engage in spiteful behavior intended to harm another you once professed to love. Love or leave but don’t hurt for the sake of hurting just because you hurt. You know your love is greater than that. Tick for tack don’t amount to jack! Move on… be freely you.



Love Value


Lovers, let us not undervalue our partners. Instead of focusing on everything they’re not, let us focus on all the wonderful things that made us fall in love. Shortcomings seem glaring when you focus on them leaving you blind to attributes. Comparing your lover to others is counter productive. We all possess different strengths and weaknesses, when you love someone you love all of them just as they love all of you.