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Where She At?


Chris Cooper, lover of many loved by so few found a new love today. Mandy is her name, voluptuous with the fairest of skin and hair the color of rust. Some of her friends jokingly called her “The Ginger”. Very social Mandy was and many friends she held dear. Most of Mandy’s friends were male. Chris thought Mandy to be the love of his life Mandy thought Chris to be just another of her male friends no more important than the rest. They had some good times, they had some laughs but when they were apart Chris would always ask “Where she at?”. He thought of her all the time, she was always on his mind, she was always on his mind. Obsessive was Chris in his love for Mandy The Ginger, never realizing it wasn’t being returned. Together they worked at a restaurant, she a waitress, he a bartender. Chris tried to mirror her schedule so that he could be with her more often but Mandy was employed elsewhere as well. She worked in retail as a part time cashier. Her manager she lusted for, but he could sense her feelings and kept her at a distance. Engaged to a young lady who was quite the big wig in the company, he was not willing to risk his future for a tryst with a young girl fifteen years his junior. Mandy yearned to caress his dark skin and muscular body. She often stated that he had to buy her a drink on her twenty-first birthday. Mandy knew the watering hole he frequented and who his friends were. She would be sure to be there when she knew he was there. Whenever he saw her he resisted her charms. He didn’t want to be caught in public fraternizing with his employees especially not his younger female ones. Mandy’s other males were often confronted or questioned by love sick Chris. Chris’ erratic behavior sometimes irritated Mandy when it effected her relationships with her other males. But Chris was the most dedicated so she kept him around. He treated her like the sun of his universe, oh and he bought all of her drinks too. Sometimes he may even show up where she was and pay her tab. On a faithful night the favorite watering hole of all was showing a pay per view boxing match and everyone gathered to watch. Mandy didn’t spend the day with Chris instead she spent it with two of her other males. Chris sat and got drunk, angry he couldn’t contact the one he loved. Later that evening Chris staggered into the establishment full of fight fans in search of his sweet Mandy. He spotted her standing behind two big guys sitting at the bar with her hand on one other their shoulders. Rush up to them Chris did in defense of his best girl.

“Take your hands off of her!”

He threw a drunken punch. He missed. Blows were returned, Chris slid down to the floor unconscious before he dropped. Kicked and stomped a bit before being rescued by patrons and employees. Pulled away to safety Chris slowly awoke. When asked if he was alright he but one response… “Where She At?!?” Where she was, was in another male’s bed less than an hour after Chris was checked into the hospital.
That’s Where She At?


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