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Loving Lustful Ladies

Larry loved the ladies but they didn’t always love him. The ladies Larry loved often weren’t what most would consider to be “ladies”. They didn’t conduct themselves as such yet Larry always treated these women like the ladies he hoped they’d become. Loose is an accurate description of each of the ladies Larry loved in the past. For them love making was often recreational and meaningless. But Larry knew he could change them. If he just loved them strong enough they would change their lustful ways. Larry often languished in despair waiting for his “lady” to return from wherever she was playing. Each of Larry’s ladies had many playmates; they didn’t speak highly of Larry. Larry was often called a sucker for love or worse. Larry never muster the courage to end any of these dysfunctional relationships, instead the women always left him. His generous nature and acceptance of their behavior was always appreciated in the beginning but they would lose respect for Larry. These women couldn’t respect themselves so they had even less respect for Larry for allowing them to treat him so poorly. Each of them left with a parting gift, something of value they stole from Larry. He never tried to retrieve his belongings, he thought it to be just the cost of having loved and lost. Larry never had a lady that hadn’t been had by everyone else.

One of these women lacking virtue informed Larry that he was the father of her child. She only dated Larry for a week and only had intercourse with him once. Larry was wearing a condom. Nonetheless Larry did not argue; he simply took on the responsibility. The mother of the child didn’t want child support from Larry; she wanted his parenting, full time. The baby girl was dropped off to him and he became a father. His dating slowed as he focused on raising his baby girl. Rumors circulated through out the community about the baby not being his. The first time he looked into her eyes he knew it not to be true. No matter if he were the biological father of the child or not, she was most certainly his baby. Mama, Auntie and Grandma helped out and gave advice on child rearing but he was a natural. Larry was a responsible and loving caregiver. The mother of the child rarely showed her face. This was pleasing to both Larry and Baby Louise. Larry made the decision to raise Louise up in the church to instill proper morals, values and spirituality. That made Mama, Auntie and Grandma proud. Baby was Baptized and Larry joined the church. Five year old Louise sang in the choir, proud single daddy sat in the front row beaming. Female parishioners took notice to the caring single father. Larry was oblivious. He was in church to fellowship and praise his Lord and Savior not find a mate. The women all knew this which made him far more desirable. There was one lady in particular who was very kind and attentive to young Louise. Her loving nature towards his daughter warmed Larry’s heart. Her heart held no motive and Larry could sense that. A date was set, three months later a date was set. He finally knew what it was to love and be loved back. Larry now had a lady, a true lady who made his life complete. In years to come Louise would be joined by Lana, Lisa and Larry Jr. her younger siblings. Larry lived the rest of his life loving a loving lady while the lustful lassies remained lost.


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