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Hellafied High!

An El Camino sped through West Orange County, on board were two felons from Phoenix, Arizona recently relocated to the area. They tear down a Winter Garden dirt road headed to their cook house.

“Yo, holmes I’m glad we came here Pablo. Shit, there’s a whole lotta money out here and there ain’t no competition.”
“That’s what I’m talkin’ about holmes. Listen Miguel we gonna make a killin’ off this Hellafied High. These country ass cops don’t know what’s going on and the Vatos Locos out here are a bunch of bitches. I told you mi primo Carlos had a sweet spot holmes.”
“Yea but I didn’t think it was this damn sweet, shit! Who you got watchin’ that cook holmes?”

Pablo turned his head towards his partner in crime and looked at him through shades covering his dilated pupils and replied with a smile.

“I got that dumb bitch Marta watching the cook while we picked up more shit.” “You got that tweaked out bitch watchin’ our shit. Man she might blow the whole neighborhood up.”

Pablo got irritated and his paranoia heightened at hearing his friend’s words of

“Yo, I got this don’t you worry about it, I’m runnin’ that part of things holmes. You got a problem with that? Huh big man?”

Miguel could sense Pablo drifting into a state of paranoia which could eventually lead him into a rage, so he said what he could to calm his friend. Miguel didn’t want to miss any money fighting.

“Look Pablo you set all this up man and I trust you, do you trust me? We been homeboys for over ten years and we ain’t never let each other down. I just don’t want this money to get messed up that’s all. Chill out holmes.”

Pablo eased back in his seat and let off the accelerator, his friend’s words put him somewhat at ease. His mind still raced from the hit he took less than twenty minutes prior.

“Miguel, I had to let her do it, she done it before and Carlos is ridin’ all over the place just like we are tryin’ to get all the stuff for the cook. I got him going to twenty stores over on the east side of town. We got a lot of shit we need to get out there so I had to leave the dumb bitch there. I gave her some meth so she should be all right.”

Miguel still had serious doubts and it showed in his tone.

“All right holmes, I hope so.”

As the two career criminals pulled up to the house everything looked normal at first sight. Inside, Marta had smoked a little too much and became inquisitive about how the men had their cook set up. She started tampering with things in an attempt to satisfy her curiosity. Chemicals mixed and the rooms in the house began to fill with smoke; a paranoid Marta ran from room to room looking out of the windows trying to figure out what was blowing smoke into the house. In her mind a giant cloud man was blowing smoke into the house trying to put out her cook fire. Her drug crazed mind couldn’t recognize that her tampering had caused the smoke in the house not a giant cloud man. As Miguel and Pablo approached the walkway of the house they noticed the cloudy interior of the house and rushed to the stairs. Pablo turned the doorknob and snatched the door open allowing air to rush into the small dwelling and suddenly a most violent explosion occurred sending the contents of the cook house flying into the atmosphere. Homes within a quarter mile of the house were showered with debris and bodily fluids from the three chef’s of destruction. Police, firemen and paramedics rushed to the scene but there was nothing to save only to clean up. The area was made safe for the surrounding residents and police took credit for shutting down a meth operation. Hellafied is how Pablo described his high; ironic, that’s probably exactly where his high led him… to hell.


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