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The Talkers Part 1


Tommy’s a talker; Tammy is a talker they chat up the gatekeepers. While chatting they observe their surroundings. Note is taken of the time of day, number of employees and security. They play the role of the loving young couple in search of the perfect engagement ring. The two share their dreams of such a bright future, marriage, purchasing their first home and eventually children. They share potential baby names as well as what schools they want their children to attend. Across the counter the older more experienced clerk smiles at their naïveté concerning family. The kids were getting way ahead of themselves.

Unknown to the all knowing jeweler is that these kids have no intention of purchasing anything. They are just the precursor to the robbery to occur days later. Tommy and Tammy put out feelers about hours of operation and the number of employees.

“So this is a family owned business huh? Just you, your husband and your two sons run the place. I would love for us to have our own mom and pop shop one day down the line. We can pass it on down to our children and keep the business in the family for generations to come. I know it had to be a lot of hard work but it must be very rewarding.”

The store owner smiled before answering.

“Yes, it is. It is the most rewarding thing to own your own business. People always told me two things when I was young. If you work half as hard for yourself as you do for a company you’ll have a successful career and if you do something you love for a living; you’ll never work a day in your life. I am so Blessed, I get the opportunity to do both, everyday of my life.”

After completing reconnoiters Tommy and Tammy were off with a promise to return and purchase once they decided on which of the beautiful rings was perfect for them. The store keeper encouraged them to take their time to discuss it. This was one of the most important decisions they would make in their young lives. They part ways with smiles and well wishes.

Three days later the same hardworking lady would be staring down the barrel of a gun while being demanded to give up all of the jewels and cash. Her husband and sons would be called from the back and waned not to push the alarm button under the counter. In less than five minutes they were relieved of their inventory, safe emptied, tied and gagged.

Back at the safe house waited the talkers, another job well done. Tammy and Tommy laughed as Ralph, Billy and Barry shared the details of the heist. The couple collected their cut then rushed to purchase the narcotic that had now become their life source. They sat and got high in a dirty motel room that night. After a meal of Chinese food they lay on the bed and looked up at the spinning ceiling fan caked with dust and debris. High and full, they wouldn’t have to “talk” for another two weeks or so when their money and drugs ran out. The talkers chatted about how much they loved one another, them against the world. Little did they know; they were winning battles but the world would eventually win the war. Their conversations could one day lead to their incarceration. The tale of the talkers.


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