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The Talkers Part 2

Tammy and Tommy found themselves low on cash weeks later and were ready to do another heist. They contacted the gang’s leader Barry to see if he had anything lined up.

“Yea Tommy, I might have a little something lined up for ya. You and your chick stop by here around two tomorrow and we’ll talk things over.”
“Sounds good Barry, thanks man. Talk to ya then.”

Tommy shared the good news with the girl he so loved and they jumped for joy together. They figured it was time to get high and celebrate. The two raced to their dealer’s place to get a little taste. When they got there he had a lot of questions for them.

“I’m glad ya’ll stopped by today; I need to talk to y’all about something.”

The coupled looked puzzled. Tommy spoke up.

“What’s up Terry?”
“I’ve been trying to find your buddy Ralph.”
“Yea Ralph, have you seen him?”
“Well, not for a couple of weeks, not since our last job.”

Tammy nudged Tommy; she knew he had said too much. Terry looked them both over then threw a bag of junk on the table as an offering for the information he was in search of. Tammy quickly snatched it up then nodded to Tommy giving him the okay to proceed.

“Terry can you keep a secret?”

Terry smirked at Tommy’s question.

“What are we in the second grade or something? Just answer my question dick wad.”
“Well, you know we’ve been doing a few heist around town.”
“I know you two assholes aren’t robbing anyone, you don’t have the balls.”

Tammy, spoke up as she sniffed the brown powder.

“Well I don’t have balls at all smart guy and we don’t have to rob anyone. We just talk to them.”

Tommy and Tammy ran down their little team’s operations to Terry and he took it all in. They told him times, locations and everyone’s jobs. Terry now knew that Ralph was a get away driver on Barry’s robbing crew. Unknown to the couple was Terry and Barry’s beef. Terry believed that Barry and Billy robbed him two years earlier of his drugs and cash but he couldn’t prove it. He didn’t share his feelings about the two guys, he just focused on Ralph.

“Look, Ralph is a wannabe drug dealer and fronted a bunch of junk from me. He’s ducking me now and I want my damn money. I need you two to help me find him.”

He pointed down at the bag, there’s more where that came from. Tammy and Tommy smiled wide. They thought nothing of giving up their partner in crime Ralph for free drugs.

Days later Barry held a meeting to brief his crew on their next job. Tammy and Tommy took it all in. After the meeting was adjourned Tammy and Tommy chatted Ralph up. Tammy started in; she knew Ralph always had a thing for her.

“So Ralph, whatcha getting’ into?”

Initially he gave her a skeptical look but her smile won him over.

“I don’t know, I was going to go back to my buddy’s pad and have a few beers. I’ve been staying there for a little while.”

Tammy invited herself along while Tommy made himself scarce.

“Tommy’s got to run a few errands so you mind if I hang out with you guys for a little while?”
“Sure, sure, the more the merrier.”

Twenty minutes later they were back at Ralph’s hideout. Tammy had no intention of showing Ralph any affection. She was just going to drink her fill and do as much of his drugs as possible. The night went as planned. She avoided getting physical with Ralph while getting high out of her mind. She used the excuse of not quite being over Tommy but gave Ralph hope that she could possibly be leaving him soon giving them the opportunity to be together.

When she left there she went home and told Tommy where Ralph was staying. The next day they shared the information with Terry and he supplied them with more free drugs. Later that day Terry kicked open the door to the apartment where Ralph was staying and pistol whipped him well. Terry took everything of value he could find netting himself a nice profit. He got three times what the drugs were worth leaving Ralph broken and desperate.

Terry wasn’t done yet. He still had an axe to grind with Barry and Billy. He knew they robbed him and he’d been waiting for a chance to get revenge on them. Tommy and Tammy told Terry the crew’s plan for the next robbery as he fed them more drugs. He figured he’d use that information to sink his foes. It was time for Barry and Billy to face the music and pay the piper in one.

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