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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Her Softness …. Our Love ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Soft, that is the only word that I can use to truly describe her. Everything about her is just ….Soft. Her touch, her scent and voice all so soft. When our love intertwines, I hold her gently as she caresses me, so so soft. Her nature and temperament are also so pleasantly soft. ”Softhearted” does describe her to the tee. Last night she whispered in my ear and I felt her breath deep in the canal caressing the drum. Her breath felt soooo soft. As she inhaled and exhaled I couldn’t fight the urge to begin breathing in unison. Our chests heaved and lowered at the same time as she continued to whisper so softly in my ear. When I lay my head down next to hers, even my pillows feel that much softer. They seem a bit ridged and hard when she isn’t laying on them with me. Her skin tone and complexion could even be described as soft. Soft, two shades lighter than olive with a light offering of sweet peach. Occasionally I loose my way with her; I allow her softness to infect my brain. At times when we’re just lounging around watching TV I find myself slowly loosing control. My soft pecks on the back of her shoulder blades turn into open mouth kisses on the nape of her neck. My mouth opens wider as I make it up to her earlobes; eventually I find myself licking her. Not necessarily in a sexual way; almost like a primal need. That soft sweet peach calls me and I just have to taste. She has given me a strange look or two during one or more of those occasions my mind has become infected by the softness. But she has grown to understand what the soft that she possesses does to this poor fool. I am a willing prisoner of it. To me her softness is comfort, safety, and warmth. She radiates soft; you don’t need to touch her to feel it. She leaves soft wherever she has been. I smell and feel softness throughout my home and especially in my bedroom. The first time I ever kissed her lips, I couldn’t help but to remark about how soft they were. Not only were her lips extremely soft but her kisses were just as soft and tender. It has taken some time, but I now realize that soft is a cousin to love; her softness has taught me love. I am now caught in a soft, silky web of love and for once in my life I am not struggling to get free.


Her Softness …. Our Love




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