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Torture By Talent


Sometimes to possess tremendous talent can be torturous to the possessor when the talent goes unnoticed or under appreciated. Your vision being invisible to the rest of the world, you search for a way to give them sight so that they may be enlightened by your view. All you want to do is give the world your heart, not being able to leaves you heartbroken. You believe like you’ve never believed before yet you must be patient. You’ve worked so hard and done so much but it’s still not time to share. Praying for that special day when your dreams will be realized; promising to always be responsible in your art. Thanking the Lord for the gift you’ve been given while fighting to survive this world. Your talent has yet to put food on the table and you receive encouragement from few. Unfortunately your talent is not easy to share because it’s not easy to consume. In this day and age of instant gratification, boob tube and internet, literature has lost a large part of its audience to laziness. It’s far too easy to play a video game, listen to a CD or watch a DVD to be reading books. You love it so you can’t stop doing it, no matter how long it takes. You’re a writer, you write well, continue to write. Never stop writing, do not allow the hardships of this world to extinguish the fire the burns deep within you. Jesus ignited that flame and it will never be put out as long as you continue to believe. Believe, always believe! This is your love and passion, do it for that reason and you will be successful. Give praise to the Lord in your art and you can’t possibly go wrong. Persevere and be strong. You have a story to tell, a moral to share and a lesson to teach. Soon you will have an audience, do well by them. Give all the love that has been given to you while forgiving the pain causedby others. Make every story more compelling than the last, every line enhancing the one before and every world placed with craft and care. No longer allow your talent to torture you allow it to inspire you, the fact that these great things come from you. You’ve been blessed with a gift, replace your anxiousness with gratefulness and go write some more. You’ve got another story to tell, so get to it. Be patient and it will happen; love what you do everyday and then do more of it, with love. Your time is coming. Trust that your time is coming. Be ready when it does.


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