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Boonie Baby


“Go do it girl. Do it for Boonie Baby. You know what Daddy needs; go get it! Go get what Daddy needs now!”

Strawberry trotted down the stairs and jumped into a dark blue sedan with John the jon. Strawberry took on the name of crack addicted prostitute from a NWA song from the ‘80’s. She shared the name and the lifestyle. She was one of Boonie’s two girls. The other was his Baby Mama, Bonnie. Their child lived with her mother full time while his parents played in the streets. Boonie and Bonnie, they have been an item since high school but drugs made it go all wrong.

Boonie fancied himself a big time pimp but he had no ladies, only his lady and her junkie friend. They serviced the same five or six customers and an occasional drug dealer for free drugs. Boonie tried to deal drugs to support his habit but couldn’t reframe from using up his product before he could het it sold. He gave up on that and decided to make his woman sell her body instead. That’s when he started making her call him Boonie Baby.

The three of them lived in a motel room together paying weekly. They lived from trick to trick as best they could. From time to time they might pick s few pockets or lift a couple of purses. Boonie felt no shame for the way he lived or how he treated his woman. She, like all women, was just here to serve him. He wasn’t often violent with the women except when the drugs were low. Boonie would need to give them extra motivation so that’s when he would break out the wire hangers and go to work on them. Then they would be back out on the stroll selling flesh for pennies.

The women, now in there mid thirties, had nothing to show for their labor of lust but sexually transmitted diseases and bruises. They both had enough and wanted something different in their lives. Bonnie had been talking to a social worker about her situation and gaining a new perspective. Eventually she brought Strawberry down to speak with her as well. The two women formed a plan and a pact; they were going to get away from Boonie. Bonnie and Strawberry started skimming money and turning extra tricks to get the cash. They got high with Boonie and stashed the rest.

One day while the women were out, Boonie Baby stumbled upon their stash. He was irate. When Bonnie returned home Boonie started to beat and choke her. Strawberry heard the commotion as she approached the room. She ran for help. Help arrived too late to save Bonnie; she died at the hands of the man she loved. Her death opened Strawberry’s eyes to the dangerous life she was living. The woman got cleaned up and never went back to that life again. Boonie went to prison for his crimes and would not be eligible for parole for twenty-five years. Ironically once inside the little man became property. He was pimped out by his man to the boys on the cell block. Boonie was first raped and then he hopelessly began to comply with the wishes of his man to avoid the violence. His demeanor, walk and dress changed. He walked with a switch and tied his shirt in the front. Now Boonie Baby was out on the block getting’ what Daddy needed.


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