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Luscious Little Latina


Chapter 2

Three hours later he took a deep breath and spoke quietly to himself before logging on.

“Here we go. I hope she’s already on line.”

As soon as he entered the chat room he saw her avatar. She wasted no time in messaging him.

“Hello handsome. I’ve been waiting to talk to you. How are you this evening?”

Rafael’s heart began to melt.

“I’m doing great now that I’m here with you.”

In return she sent him smiley face and heart icons. The two chatted the night away as they both dove into their love fantasy. Christina promised to send him a care package with her person affects. Rafael couldn’t wait to see what she’d send him but when she asked for his mailing address he paused and tried to think of a way to get it without his wife finding out.

“Oh, why don’t you send it to my aunt and uncle in Florida, they can forward it to me in a week. We’ll only be here in Albuquerque for another day and then we’re back on the road. I’ll get their address and give it to you tomorrow night.”

“Okay, that sounds great. Trust me; you won’t be disappointed when you see what I send you.”

“I can’t wait.”

“I love you Antonio.”

“I love you too Christina.”

The next morning Rafael scoured his neighborhood for an empty house. He found one right around the corner. Rafael took down the address, folded it and slid it into the coin pocket of his jeans. He drove back home cooked dinner and did homework with the girls. After dinner he took a run with the dog then returned to his garage to lift weights. Benita joined him after his third set.

“Well look at you Ralphy. You’ve been spending a lot of time out here and I can see the difference. Good job Honey, maybe I need to join you some time.”

“Thank you Dear. I need to get in better shape. I’m not getting any younger ya know. I’m starting to really enjoy it too. It reminds me of my ball playing days.”

“Well you’re looking good there stud.”

Benita draped a towel over her husband’s shoulders and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Keep up the good work buddy.”

Benita made her way back into the house and Rafael continued his workout. Working out helped him to be patient. He needed something to occupy his heart and mind while he was away from his Luscious Little Latina. He ached to be with her. Nightfall seemed like years away. Rafael thought the working out to be a way of earning his time with her. Mercifully night fell and he made his way to the basement, palms sweaty, heart fluttering.

“Hey Baby, how ya doing this evening?”

“Oh, I’m doing better now that I with you Antonio.”

Rafael laughed.

“That’s my line.”

“Well it’s our line now Mister.”

They bantered on for hours, never chatting about pool.

“Rafael do you know what time it is?”

Rafael was snatched from his fantasy by the sound of his wife’s voice. Quickly he minimized the chat icon.

“Oh Honey, I didn’t know you were there.”

“It’s getting late, don’t you think it’s time you came to bed?”

“Yes Benita, I just lost track of time.”

“You seem to be doing that a lot lately.”

With that being said she turned around and walked back up the stairs.

“I’m sorry Baby. I’ve got to go now.

“Oh, I’m going to miss you Baby. I’ll get your package mailed off right away.”

“Thank you so much. I can’t wait to see it.”



Rafael closed his lap top and rushed up the stairs to bed. His loving wife was somewhat distant and cold when he finally got to bed. She was tired of dragging him to their marital bed every night. Rafael barely noticed; his thoughts were preoccupied with Christina. He dreamt of her as well.

In the morning he awoke refreshed and full of energy. Benita thought he’d be tired from staying up so late every night but he wasn’t. He was raring and ready to go. She was curious as to what her husband was doing on that computer all night. She figured he may be watching porn or something but she never knew him to look at smut. Something wasn’t right and she knew it.

At work Rafael was jovial and up beat.

“Hey Carlos, I hope you’ve been working on your bank shot. Taking your money is like taking candy from a baby.”

“You’ve been lucky lately but we’ll see what happens this week chump. I’m taking everybody’s money this time around.”

Carlos gave Rafael the middle finger with a smile as they drove off in opposite directions on their all terrain vehicles. Miguel sat at Rafael’s side.

“Rafael, you still chatting online with that Luscious Little Latina?”

Rafael gave his young friend a skeptical look.

“Yea, yea we still chat.”

“She’s cool; me and the guys talk to her sometimes.”

Rafael’s look hardened somewhat.

“What do you guys talk about anyway?”

“You know, pool, school and stuff.”

“That’s it!”

“Yea. What you mad bro?”

Rafael softened his face, he realized the anger he was wearing.

“No, I was just wondering.”

Miguel was skeptical.

“It’s just that you were coming off a little jealous.”

Rafael laughed it off.

“No, no you guys can talk about whatever you want.”

Miguel wasn’t convince but he let it go and changed the subject.

“Well anyway, you working overtime this weekend?”

“Yea, I’ll be in bright and early Saturday morning.”

“I don’t know if I’ll be in or not. It depends on what I get into Friday night.”

The two continued their normal work day and as soon as it concluded Rafael raced to his vehicle so that he could meet the mailman. Down the block he sat from the house where his package of love was being delivered. Christina shipped it next day priority so he knew that he could expect it on that day. Rafael put down a welcome mat and nailed a “happy home” sign on the door so that the postman would believe someone lived there. He would simply leave a note on the door and leave the package. Rafael watched as the package was dropped off. His palms sweat and butterflies swarmed in his belly as he waited for the mail carrier to finish his route. Rafael pulled in front of the house, got out and walked up to the front door as if he lived there. He calmly collected his package and put it in the cab of his truck. Rafael drove to a secluded area then hurriedly tore the box open. Inside he found the sweetest letter holding the loveliest scent; it smelled like teen spirit. There was a stuffed animal, a good luck bracelet for him to wear during games and most importantly PICTURES! Rafael was ecstatic, he thumbed through them quickly, then again… and again. Finally he slowed down and focused mainly on the most revealing photos with the most provocative poses.

“Oh, you’re so tender, so sweet.”

Over the photo he ran his finger, drooling, fantasizing. Rafael fantasized not only about Christina but also himself as a virile young man. He saw them together, naked, embracing, interlocked. Rafael could smell her, taste her and especially feel her. His vision became that much clearer, vivid. In feeling her, he felt himself. No shame was felt by Rafael for lusting for a teenage girl. Her young hard body was in his mind and his manhood in his hands. His sex dream was short lived, six minutes and thirty three seconds to be exact. Afterwards he panted, light headed and winded, brow covered in sweat. Rafael thought their first time together to be magical. He quickly cleaned himself up and slowly wiped his glasses before heading home. He broke down the box on the way to the house and disposed of it in a dumpster behind a convenience store. Everything else he stashed in different places inside his truck. Rafael sat that night at the dinner table with his family in a daze. His body was there but his mind wasn’t. He couldn’t get his Luscious Little Latina off his mind. Benita notice him being so distant but she didn’t say anything. Rafael let out a deep sigh as dinner came to an end.

“I think I’m going to go down and clean the basement. I really need to organize things down there.”

Benita answered blandly as she continued washing dishes.

“Ok, be careful down there.”

Rafael cleaned the basement two days earlier but he knew that she never went down there except to do laundry. He was just buying himself more time to spend with his new love now that they had consummated their relationship. Rafael rushed down the stairs and to his lap top. He turned it on and then started banging around to give the illusion of him straightening things up. Within minutes he was chatting up the girl of his dreams.

“So did you like your care package?”

“It was wonderful you are so beautiful.

“Thank you so much Baby.”

“I can’t wait to be alone with you. I want to touch your sexy body and kiss your pretty lips.”

“Ooh Baby, you’re getting me hot just thinking about it.”

They continued their sexy conversation for another hour before Rafael got the courage to once again pleasure himself. He was so far gone and loved every moment of it. The thought that he may never be with her never entered his sick mind. Separated and detached from his family was Rafael when he was with his sweet Christina. Christina had to get off line early that night; she was having dinner out with her family. Rafael was left wanting. After she logged off he trudged up the stairs to join his family. Benita again could sense his displeasure in being with them. That night Rafael went for a run deep in the woods all alone. In his pocket he carried pictures of his Luscious Little Latina. Behind a large tree just past a clearing he sat fantasizing about their torrid love affair. Young fit Rafael held his bride to be in his arms kissing her passionately. Their love was a love for the ages, the greatest of loves. They would grow old, happily together, here ad in Heaven. Sick fantasy consumed Rafael’s mind, euphoric in nature. While he was gone on his long run of romance Benita did some investigating.

She rushed down to the garage as soon as she saw Rafael turn the corner. In front of his laptop she sat trying to figure out his password. It didn’t take long for her to crack the code. She knew everything about her husband… or so she thought. Benita, far more computer savvy than her husband quickly logged onto RiskyRack.com under his login. The password was the same as it was for his computer. Benita navigated her way around the site for a quick moment then checked Rafael’s chat log. She literally and figuratively turned red. She couldn’t believe that her husband of all these years was carrying on an online affair with a girl in high school. The girl couldn’t be more than a few years older than their own daughter. She couldn’t believe what she was reading. Benita thought about her daughters and how she would feel if some grown man was coming on to them like this. She pushed back from the computer mouth wide open. Her husband had taken on a false identity, masquerading as a man half his age playing minor league baseball around the county. She was disgusted; her world came crashing in on her. Poor Benita wept quietly wondering why her love wasn’t enough. She’d given her all to her family, especially her husband. Benita didn’t waddle in a pool of pity for very long. She knew that Rafael would soon be back. So she quickly wrote a letter to this Luscious Little Latina.

Young lady,

My name is Benita Hernandez I am the forty-three year old wife of your friend Rafael Hernandez. You may know him better as Antonio the Ace. I am sorry that you have been deceived into thinking you were chatting with someone closer to your age. You should be more careful in the future, people aren’t always as they seem. I would appreciate it if you would stop chatting with him and I’ll make sure that he doesn’t contact you again. I wish you the best of luck the remainder of your senior year in high school and good luck in college. Again be careful who you communicate with on line. There are a lot of dangerous people out there.


Benita Hernandez

Benita cleaned herself up and made her way back upstairs. She tended to her girls and acted as if everything was normal. She wouldn’t discuss this matter with Rafael until the girls were deep in slumber. At ten thirty she checked in on her girls to find them fast asleep. Slowly she closed the door then turned her attention to the betrayer down the hall. Raphael went to bed earlier than normal not being able to chat with Christina that night. Benita logged into RiskyRack and pulled Raphael’s chat history. She left the lap top open so that it would be the first thing Rafael saw when he descended down the stairs.

“Ralphy, you sleep honey?”

A groggy Raphael answered slowly in a low voice.

“Yes Babe, what’s going on?”

“I need you to come down in the basement to check something out.”

“What is it?”

“I heard a noise, a strange noise. Please go down and check it out.”

“Okay, Alright. I’m getting up.”

He threw the comforter off, eased out of bed and felt around for his slippers with his feet. He slid them on, put on his glasses then walked out of the bedroom trailed by his wife. Rafael slowly descended down the stairs slightly irritated at being awakened from a solid sleep. As soon as he reached the bottom he was met with the shock of his life.

“Raphael what the hell is that?!”

Raphael tried to play cool.

“What is what? I don’t hear anything yet. Where was the noise coming from?”

Benita almost exploded.

“Are you serious?! You know what the hell I’m talking about!”

She walked over to the lap top and pointed at the screen. Raphael knew it was time to face the music.

“It’s just talking, talking. I never…”

She interrupted him abruptly.

“Shut up! Just shut the hell up!”

Benita ran her hands through her hair and sucked back tears.

“I can’t believe you’ve been online cheating on me with a little girl in high school. That’s someone’s daughter and not much older than ours. You’re a forty-seven year old man Rafael. It’s disgusting.”

Raphael tried to calm his wife by professing his devotion to her.

“You know that I would never leave you for anyone.”

His statement infuriated her.

“You wouldn’t leave me for anyone! You idiot you’re chatting with a little girl posing as some baseball stud. What do you think she’ going to say when she sees a forty-seven year old man standing in front of her. Oh and by the way buddy if anybody is the catch in this relationship it’s me! You’re lucky we have the girls or I’d put your ass out right now.”

Raphael tried to talk fast.

“Please Baby, I love you. We can’t throw away all that we’ve built over these years. What about the girls? We have a family to raise. I love you.”

“Shut up!”

Benita composed herself again before speaking.

“Rafael, I need some time to think about all of this. As for now you’ll be sleeping down here in the basement. You’re blankets are over there in the corner. I can’t be around you right now. Oh and by the way. I talked to your little friend and exposed your nonsense Antonio the Ace.”

She turned to walk away.

“Goodnight Rafael.”

He reached out and touched the back over her shoulder; she paused. Then answered sternly.

“I said goodnight Rafael!”

Benita stormed off up the stairs and Rafael’s heart sank. He had quite possibly ruined his marriage and his love Christina was probably mad at him too. The thought of his relationship with Christina being ruined cut at him deeper than the thought of Benita leaving him. His mind was possessed with the sickest of infatuations. Noting

else mattered as much as his love for his Luscious Little Latina. Benita cried herself to sleep that night as Raphael toss and turned, debating whether or not to go online and explain himself to Christina. He didn’t want to get caught by Benita but he was obsessed he just had to chat with Christina. He had to see if she would still have him. He toss and he turned a little more until he could no longer take it. Rafael turned on his computer then climbed the stairs to get a glass of water. He needed to assess the situation. From what he could tell Benita was asleep in their bedroom. So crept back down to the basement and closed the door behind him. He logged on hoping to find her. She was there, he was both ecstatic to see her and fearful of what she might say.


“WHY DID YOU LIE TO ME?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”


“When I spoke about my feelings for you, every word I wrote was true.”


“Does what?”

“Lie about who they are, their age, what they do; you’re forty-seven?”


“Your poor wife. Your poor family.”

“I know what I did wasn’t right but it doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends.”

“Friends? Are you serious?”

“Yes, I just want to talk to you from time to time.”

“Your wife asked me not to chat with you anymore.”

“I would just like to speak to you every now and then. That’s all I’m asking.”

She paused to think things over. Christina didn’t want to be bothered but she also didn’t want to upset Rafael. She didn’t know if he was crazy or not. Benita asking her not to chat with her husband also loomed in the back of her mind.

“Well, I don’t know.”

“I really value your friendship. I just want us to be there for each other when the other needs it.”

“You know, I was fully committed to you. I haven’t even been dating. I’ve never been told a lie that big before.”

“That’s the past; let’s focus on here and now. I just want to be there for you.”

She grew tired of his begging.

“Alright, fine but I’ve got to go now.”

“Okay, well, talk to ya later.”

Their conversation went a lot better than Rafael expected. He was back on cloud nine. He would at least be able to talk to her from time to time. Raphael knew that he could eventually wear her down. Meanwhile later Christina would be back online making new friends.

She and young Miguel got closer and even made plans to meet the next month. Rafael suspected they might be communicating so he brought it up casually with Miguel on duty in the park one day. Miguel knew far more about Rafael, his lies, obsession and perverted nature than Rafael would like to think. Christina divulged all to her new true love. Miguel was what he said he was; there was nothing false about him. Rafael was an old man posing as a young one. A man who was putting his marriage in danger over a young lady he had never even set eyes on before.

“So Miguel, you still chatting with that ah Luscious Little Latina?”

Miguel cracked a small knowing smile before answering. He had lost much respect for his older friend for what he was putting his family through and betraying Benita.

“Yea, we talk.”

“So what are you guys talking about?”

“You know, this and that.”

“Things getting serious?”

“You know me, I’m not trying to get serious with anyone right now.”

Rafael grit his teeth and flexed his jaw muscles.

“Well you just better not hurt her!”

“What? What do you have to do with it?”

“We’re friends and I look out for her.”

“You look out for her. You were looking out for yourself. Trying to come on to a high school girl…”

Miguel didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence before Rafael tackled him to the ground. Miguel quickly turned Rafael over and pinned him to the ground. The boy was far too strong for him. Miguel held Rafael down and cut at him deep with truths about who he really was.

“You’re pitiful Rafael. You’ve got a great wife and a wonderful family and your running around chasing some high school girl online that you’ve never even seen. You’re lying saying you’re half your age and now your wife might leave you. What were you going to do if you met her anyway. Do you think she would really want a forty-seven year old man? You really need to get a grip.”

Just then Rafael slipped Miguel’s grip, got an arm free and took a swing at Miguel. Miguel dodged it then slapped Rafael three times really fast across his face. Again he was no match for the boy. On Rafael’s chest he sat scolding him further.

“I’m gonna go out with Christine and there’s nothing you can do about it. Why don’t you focus on your family loser.”

Rafael tried to struggle and received a punch in the chest for his trouble.

“Look man don’t make me kick your ass.”

Just then Carlos and Raul pulled up on their ATV and pulled Miguel off of Rafael.

“Hey man, break it up. What you guys fighting about?”

Miguel snatched away from Carlos.

“Why don’t you ask him!”

Rafael looked down and mumbled.


Carlos really didn’t care he just wanted them to stop before they got everyone jammed up.

“Alright fine. Miguel you work with me the rest of the shift and Rafael you go with Raul.”

Everyone complied and went on with their work day as if nothing happened. Rafael was left with a shiner under his left eye and a bloody nose as a result of the scuffle. His daughters would later notice and ask their dad what happened. He just brushed them off saying he walked into some brush at work. Later Benita would meet him in the basement with more questions.

“Rafael, what happened to you?”


“The girls told me you had a black eye and your face was bruised. They said you said you walked into some bushes or something. Looking at you face I can tell it was a lot more than that. What happened.”

He sat with his head down, ashamed, ego bruised. He didn’t want to relive his humbling beating.

“Nothing happened Babe, nothing.”

“Okay, if you don’t want to talk about it I won’t force you.”

Benita had her suspicions on what may have happened to her husband but for once she didn’t care enough to pry. She climbed the stairs and closed the door behind her. Rafael wept quietly. He was ashamed at what his life had become… but still he couldn’t get her off his mind. Rafael would not emerge from the basement until the next morning. That night he tossed and turned. Rafael could only imagine what Miguel told Christine. He knew that he had to focus on trying to make things right with his family. Rafael vowed to work hard at making Benita happy with him again. In the morning he would awake a new man.

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