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“Yo Alonzo, man you don’t need to go down there tryin’ ta stomp; It’s hot down there and they got jack boys everywhere.”

Patrick said to his young, restless homeboy in an attempt to dissuade him from making a big mistake.

“Yo Pat, man my brother used to stomp there and so I’m going down there and hold his corner down.”

“Yo man your brother used to hustle down there three years ago; things done changed homeboy. Plus, he used to stay down there with them fools and he had his own clique. You think you gonna just touch down there and start getting’ money and ain’t nobody gonna check yo’ ass?”

“You know I can handle mine.”

“Alonzo, you just fronted your first eight ball now you think you finna go shut somebody corner down? You a young fool but I wish you the best homie, I’m out.”

Alonzo stepped back from Pat’s candy painted’82 Caprice Classic on 22’s and Pat sped away with dual pipes sounding off. Later that night Alonzo was on the wrong side of town getting money; he was ambitious. Every car and fiend within reach was approached no matter who was watching or listening. Alonzo was close to selling out when heard a deep voice behind him followed by a click.

“Give it up fool all of it right now before I put two in you.”

Alonzo now terrified, quickly complied with his robber; he then was surround by two others who assisted him with giving up his belongs and firearm. The criminals were brazen; none of them wore masks. Alonzo saw their gold teeth gleaming under the street light as they laughed while beating him after the robbery. Alonzo now hurt and furious vowed revenge on the audacious trio of crooks. He knew where his good friend Pat kept his spare dirty gun at and how to get to it. He crept through the man’s backyard and into his shed to retrieve the fire arm. He quieted the pit bulls in the kennels around the backyard; the animals knew him well so they didn’t create a lot of fuss. Alonzo would never steal from his friend but he knew that Pat would object to him going over there to get revenge so he had to get the pistol without his knowledge. This had to be dealt with right away. As Soon as he arrived at the location of the crime committed against him, he spotted the offenders. Alonzo was at least two blocks from them so he began to creep towards the crowd of men. One other had joined the three and Alonzo had intentions of dealing with him too. He got within earshot and he could hear them joking about robbing him. His grip tightened on the handle of the pistol he held in his jacket pocket. He was almost close enough to exact retribution on his newest foes. Suddenly two police officers rolled down the street as he was about to cross. These two officers witnessed him making two sales earlier in the evening and were waiting for the opportunity to snatch him up. The police stopped their car in front of him before he had a chance to react. The robbers scattered at the sight of the police. The police retrieved the illegal firearm from Alonzo and took him into custody. After running the gun through ballistics, it was learned that it had been used in the commission of three serious crimes and Alonzo was charged with all of them. That was a little more than he bargained for. Alonzo’s aching for the action ultimately led to him ailing from his ambitions.




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