Darren’s Dastardly Desertion

Darren, age fifty-three and suffering from a midlife crisis, decided to leave his seventeen year old daughter and wife of twenty-two years for a twenty-five year old drug addicted prostitute. His marriage hadn’t been a happy one for the past three years because he always felt a wanting for things he felt he’d missed out on, mainly the company of young women. Lacking in honor and integrity he made poor choices out of selfishness. Instead of divorcing his wife, he deserted her leaving his family with nothing. Twenty-two years the Swedish immigrant spent married to who she once thought was the man of her dreams. Embittered and hurt she was left after her husband’s betrayal. Helga initially had a difficult time moving on due to a lack of understanding and a need for closure. Her daughter Nicole was more angry than hurt by her father’s unfaithfulness and deserting of his family. Darren had become progressively more detached from his daughter’s life even when they resided in the same household. She turned to her mother for everything especially love and emotional support because from her father she felt none. Mother and daughter struggled for quite sometime. Nasty messages were exchanged between Nicole and her father’s new love Carol. Carol on more than one occasion had gone as far as to threaten the young girl’s life in the most heinous ways imaginable. Darren stood idle as the war went on, he showed no compassion for his daughter, her mother, their financial problems or their feelings of lost. His unmanly behavior was shaping his daughter’s opinion of men, especially African American men. He was a sorry excuse for a father and felt no remorse for it. The drugs helped with that. That is how he and Carol met; Darren experimented with cocaine in an attempt to regain his youth. He was at a party thrown by one of his drug using new friends and bumped into this young blond haired tender. He had no idea that she not only used cocaine but she would also use crack, heroin or crystal meth, which ever was available. He put her up in a hotel for a week that very first night and kept her supplied with money and drugs while he slipped into his other life. Eventually the cat and mouse game became too much for him after several calls to his home from Carol when she had run out of and needed more drugs. Friction in the household led him to one day just pack up and leave his family with a mountain of bills and lacking the means to pay them. Guilt couldn’t sway his decision; he was disillusioned into thinking that the drug and the tramp loved him. Carol became pregnant and needed more from Darren; he provided for her while neglecting his family. She never stopped using during her pregnancy; she presented Darren with false information daily on her pregnancy. One day a month after Carol gave birth to a one pound- seven once baby girl she cleaned out Darren’s account and moved out of their apartment. Darren received notice from his employer that he was on child support less than a month after Carol’s disappearance. Apparently he had missed two hearings on the matter and the amount of his support had already been determined. Letters had been mailed to his home after Carol filed for child support but he never seemed to have gotten them. She provided them with his financial information and the process moved forward. Darren wasn’t even paying child support or alimony to his wife since they weren’t yet divorced. Three days later he got the papers for both his divorce and additional child support.

Darren fell into a deep dark depression for several months, after his chickens coming home to roost. Helga was back in church, she and Nicole. She married three years later on the same day that Darren got the news that Carol’s baby wasn’t his and he wouldn’t be reimbursed for his payments. Darren many nights shed tears first at the loss of Carol and then as his drug use diminished he began to understand what he had done to his family and how much he missed them. There was a possibility of reconciliation with Nicole. She was Christian so she forgave him and would be pleasant if ever she spoke to him but he was just not a part of her life. Darren never being there for Nicole conditioned her to not having him in her life. So as an adult she had no reason to sustain a relationship with him. College, church, athletics, this was Nicole’s life she didn’t want to disrupt it especially for the likes of Darren. She called him Darren; he no longer deserved the title of Daddy. Darren sat on the floor of his dingy one bedroom apartment reflecting on his mistakes and foolishness. He was now sixty and a broke recovering addict. Despair showed in every wrinkle in his face, sorrow in every gray hair. His faith had never been strong; he was even responsible for leading his wife out of the church upon them getting married. He didn’t believe so he refused to have his wife wasting time on Sunday mornings when she could be cooking and cleaning for him. If she ever thought of tithing he would become angry enough to strike her. “You ain’t gonna be givin’ my hard earned money away to some crooked preacher. Shit I could have bought another bottle of Jack Daniel’s with that you stupid bitch! Now get in there and fix my damn dinner!” Darren thought back to his cruel words and abusive behavior throughout their marriage and then eventually discarding her for a young tramp whose only goal was to use him up. What a fool he had been. Now it was too late for him to find any good in his life. Darren mumbled words of self pity to himself.

“I paid for that damned baby for three years and the kid wasn’t even mine. I should be able to sue her ass or something but they won’t give me back shit.”

The irony was wasted on the dim witted Darren. He ducked his responsibilities to his family and refused to stand up and provide for them the way a man should. The state made him pay and pay handsomely for a child that wasn’t even his. I guess if he refused to support his own child, then they’re going to make sure he takes care of somebody’s baby, karma. Quietly Darren weeps in the dimly lit room, all alone without a friend in the world. He runs his old hands over the revolver in his palm, the devil caught hold to his weak mind. His lack of faith helped in those efforts. Darren suddenly felt the need to sleep away his misery. There was only one way to assure that he would never wake. He slowly cocked the harmer of the pistol with Satan coxing him on. Darren was grateful to have an encourager in his misery, a bullet entered the chamber. The trigger was pulled and Darren was on his short journey to hell. Darren’s lack of respect and appreciation for the beautiful things God blessed him with caused him to loose them all, including his life and eventually his soul.



Thrice Too Talkative Thomas

Bartender serving a Caucasian man who is sitting at the bar getting drunk

Thomas had always been a talkative lad, the oldest of two boys by seven years. He was used to getting plenty of airtime and attention from the adults in the room. It was once said that kids say the darnedest things, well with Thomas it was that kid says the damndest things! He was often known to use adult language and tell adult jokes at a very young age. He loved the dirty comedy. Thomas’ mother Mrs. Mayo was and educator at a Catholic School. She tried to offer good morals and principles to young Thomas but he didn’t readily accept them. The boy could behave when he wanted to but in the end he would always say something outlandish or disrespectful.

Mr. Mayo didn’t make it any better. He thought his boy to be so funny with his nasty little one liners. Respect for authority figures and elders Thomas lacked but was never properly disciplined for. His father called him his “little smart ass”. Mr. Mayo didn’t have a lot of time to spend with his boys so he try tried to overcompensate by being their big buddy and letting them have whatever they wanted when he was present.

The older Thomas got the worse his mouth and attitude got causing him some problems in his young life. He didn’t care, his parents would bail him out so he still said whatever he wanted to say out of his mouth to whomever he wanted to. Detention, in school suspension, being kicked off sports teams, nothing curbed Thomas’ sharp tongue over the years. He attended college but couldn’t dedicate himself to being a scholar. The potty mouthed Thomas didn’t make it past his sophomore year.

In college Thomas picked up a few habits. The boy loved the night life, he never missed a party and certainly didn’t miss out on the party favors. Thomas had a difficult time expressing himself around the ladies and he found it a lot easier when everyone’s inhibitions were lowered after consuming drugs and alcohol. Thomas’s rude and impolite speech sometimes acted as a mask for him. He had spent his entire life hiding behind the persona of a jerk. So eventually it just became more of who he was. The drugs didn’t help.

After college he landed himself in the hospitality industry. Being a server was something that came easy to him and they didn’t drug test for that job. So he could party as much as he wanted, as long as he could make it to work. Through work Thomas found a girl who could actually tolerate him. It wasn’t easy. The girl had a kind heart and she found her way to the boy’s soft side. Thomas covered himself in a hard shell of insults and offensive slurs but he had a vulnerable soft underbelly. The boy was actually quite sensitive and susceptible to shedding tears when his feelings were hurt.

Julie loved Thomas’s softer side. They moved in together and purchased a dog. Mr. and Mrs. Mayo paid the deposit and bought the couple new furniture. They settled in nicely and things worked out for a year or so until Thomas’ immaturity ruined things. Emotionally he was still a little boy, always trying to impress friends. Mouthy and argumentative he would become if his buddies implied he was whipped for doing something his woman asked him to do. Eventually they coaxed him into trying to play the field and of course the inexperienced Thomas got caught right away putting an end to his relationship.

Unfortunately for them both the couple had just signed a new lease and neither of them could afford to break it. So they just moved to opposite ends of the apartment and cohabitated as best they could. Things were respectful initially but Thomas gave into peer pressure and had some buddies and loose girls over. Julie came home from work to see two of Thomas friends half naked with some strange girl on the couch. Thomas was in the kitchen making drinks. Julie met him there with plenty to say.

“Thomas what the hell is going on here? Who are all these skanky girls around the house. Do you know that Jordan and Jeff are about to have a threesome on our couch?”

Thomas smirked at her.

“What do you want me to say? This is what you want.”

He started to walk away with the tray of drinks then he stopped and turned around.

“Oh, and it’s my couch. My parents bought it and if chicks get banged on it so be it. That’s what couches are for.”

Julie stood dumbfounded. Mr. and Mrs. Mayo may have purchased that couch but she picked it out ahead of time. That was her baby. Many a night had she curled up on that plush piece of furniture in a warm blanket with a good book. Now it was being disgustingly defiled and defaced by coke whores and jerk offs. Julie stormed into her room, packed a bag and left the residence. She stayed the night at a friend’s house where she met her friend’s boyfriend’s brother. They hit it off, exchanged numbers and planned a date for the very next night.

The date went well. It went so well that it ended at Julie’s place. She decided to be a bad girl for once and invite a fella home after the first date. The relationship couldn’t grow into anything serious anyway since Greg lived in South Carolina where he played football for Clemson University. Julie hadn’t been intimate with anyone since Thomas so she figured it was time she had her a little man company, and what a big man he was. The apartment was empty when they arrived.

Julie took her turn on the tarnished couch with her hunky football player. Greg was just getting to second base when Thomas walked through the door. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His girl’s breast in another man’s hand.

“What the hell is going on here! Dude, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Julie sat upright and put her breast away.

“Thomas you need to calm down.”

Thomas couldn’t control his emotions.

“Hell no I won’t calm down! Dude, you’ve got to go!”

Thomas reached for one of Greg’s arms and Greg promptly snatched away from the weaker Thomas and stood up over him. Thomas stood about six foot, two inches and slim; Greg was six foot five, all muscle and tough as nails. Greg looked over at Julie.

“Do you want me to go?”

Julie stood up and answered.


“Is this guy your boyfriend?”

“No, he’s my ex and he doesn’t tell me who I can and can’t have over.”

Greg looked back down on Thomas.

“Well dude I ain’t going nowhere. The lady wants me to stay.”

Again Thomas couldn’t control his emotions. He reached out to grab Greg and Greg Took his arm and twisted it around his back. He held that arm tight and pulled it hard making Thomas wince and whimper with pain. He whined and then pleaded for Greg to let him go.

“You gonna clam down now? I don’t want to have to hurt you.”

Thomas looked up at Julie standing at the side of this big guy who was abusing him. She looked so content to see him hurt and that hurt him more.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m cool man.”

Greg slowly let Thomas go and the stubborn boy rubbed his arm. Greg wrenched it pretty good. Julie didn’t care; she wanted her happy ending.

“C’mon Greg; let’s go see my room. We can have some privacy in there.”

She took her big stud by the hand and led him back to her private domicile. With bruised ego and arm Thomas look on holding back a tear. Julie looked back and smiled at him as she closed the door. Thirty minutes later Thomas heard noises that he knew to be sex. Julie was extra vocal and energetic. They were moving furniture around in that room and poor Thomas had to suffer threw every bump and moan. There was a lot of flesh smacking heard as well.

After an hour and a half Greg opened the door to the bedroom butt naked as Thomas sat on the couch watching television. Greg nodded to him then walked into the kitchen. He retrieved a six pack from the refrigerator and walked back in front of the TV on his way to the bedroom. Thomas had never been emasculated like that before in his life. This guy had pretty much beat him up, banged his chick and flashed him all in less than two hours. Thomas limped to his room and laid down. He settled in for a good private cry. After a couple of beers Julie was up for round two. Thomas heard her again all the way down the hall, Julie made sure of it.

The next day after Greg’s departure Thomas confronted Julie about her behavior the night before.

“That was real cute what you did last night.”

She was certainly up to the challenge.

“What do you care Mr. Orgy Man! You fill this apartment with whores and then you have the nerve to complain because I brought a date home.”

“I didn’t have an orgy. I didn’t even bang any of those chicks.”

Julie stood back and smiled at Thomas. He was confused; he couldn’t understand why she was smiling.

“What the hell are you smiling at.”

“You didn’t bang any of those chicks huh?”


“Yeah, I’m sure. You probably struck out because of your big mouth. What, you say something stupid or call someone a cow or something?”

“It’s not my fault those cock smooches can’t take a joke. Screw ‘em they probably all got the herp anyway.”

Julie just shook her head at him.


“I can’t believe that I ever dated you. Your such a piece of…”

She just grabbed her car keys off of the counter and left without finishing her sentence. Thomas felt even lower. He needed to find someone to share his pain with. He had to be at work in an hour so somberly the young man got himself ready. Once he hit the door of the steakhouse his false bravado and cockiness returned. Thomas was known to throw around insults and taunts in the workplace. He was quick to shed light on his coworkers short comings while occasionally cutting corners himself. Thomas’ didn’t only show contempt and insolence toward the cooks, hosts and servers. He treated management poorly as well. Thomas had been warned many times about his language and behavior but he couldn’t resist tearing people down. He had been written up and counseled to no avail.

His termination was emanate but fortunately for him the management changed over. The Managing Partner of the restaurant was replaced because of his aggressive, angry management style and inappropriate relationships with women in the workplace. The man was just days from firing the mouthy Thomas yet he had been granted a reprieve. Thomas called the new general manger a nerd or “Steve Urkel”. Andrew was a straight laced, glasses wearing light skinned Black male in his early forties. He was known to wear his pants a little high with brown shoes no matter the color scheme of his outfit. All he was missing was the suspenders, pocket protector and tape in the middle of his glasses. Andrew had a certain way of talking, his tone was professional but certainly not cool. This was his time to shine in life; much of his childhood he suffered through the insults and bullying of his classmates. Now he was finally the boss. A strong leader Andrew was not but he was rounding into shape. Thomas tested him every step of the way.

“Thomas I need you to run food to this table.”

Thomas smirked before answering.

“Damn bro you look past all those people and then call my name out. I’m in the weeds right now. Ask Jill you know she ain’t doing nothin’ as usual.”

The quiet and meek Jill gave Thomas a cross look then continued putting her drinks on the tray. Andrew responded to his insubordinate employee.

“Thomas we’re not going to do this today.”

“Do what?”

“You know, just run the food.”

“Whatever, I’m working hard and you’re trying to ride me.”

Just then Jill’s work friend Carol grabbed the plate out of the window and ran it to the table. Andrew glared at Thomas over his glasses.

“We’ll talk about this later Thomas.”

Thomas grinned back at him while walking out of the kitchen.


Thomas loved pushing the boundaries while undermining authority figures. One day he pushed the boundaries a little too far. Andrew was a multicultural man. His mother was Caucasian and his father African American. Andrew had a difficult time as a child comfortably identifying with either race. Not being very talented, bright or athletic made it even more difficult for him to find friends or feel like he fit in. Now a man the uptight Andrew understood a little better who he was. He still remained a little sensitive about race and the way people communicated about it, especially in the workplace.

Andrew’s most difficult employee didn’t share his sensitivity. There weren’t many people of Color working in the front of the house at Cattleman’s Steakhouse. There was one forty year-old Black man working as a server in the restaurant but no others. Andrew hired an African American woman named Janice who transferred from Cattleman’s in Gainesville, Florida. She was experienced but unfamiliar with her new surroundings and coworkers. Thomas didn’t care who was around, he let fly insensitive comments and derogatory statements with no discretion. During her third shift on the floor Janice heard Thomas say something that she could not ignore. She didn’t know him well enough to dismiss what he was saying as Thomas just being Thomas. This time he stuck his whole foot in his mouth.

“Andrew is getting on my damn nerves, walking around here acting like a boy scout. He’s a cock smooch, that Uncle Tom.”

Janice was standing by the register within ear shot of the foolish Thomas as he spewed out a racial slur without even realizing it. Thomas was no racist he was just a smart ass with no filter. Always being a smart ass doesn’t make your ass smart. Sometimes the silly boy just didn’t know the gravity of his words. He didn’t know the history behind “Uncle Tom” he only knew that it was something that you could call a Black Guy you thought was being a sellout or traitor. Janice knew how disrespectful it was and she most certainly didn’t appreciate him saying that about her new boss, especially in front of her.

“Andrew, can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Sure Janice, come on in.”

She opened the door to the small office wider and eased in. Andrew sat up in his chair and turned toward her.

“I heard something in the dining room that I really didn’t appreciate. Some of your employees be saying some racist stuff.”

“What do you mean? Who are you talking about?”

“What’s that boy’s name, um Thomas.”

Andrew figured that was who it might be.

“Thomas, figures. What did he say anyway?”

“He called you Uncle Tom.”

Andrew was furious but he masked it well.

“Did anyone else hear him say it?”

Janice paused to think about it for a minute.

“Oh yeah, Carl heard it. He was standing right there when he said it.”

“Okay, good; I’ll talk to him about it later. I know you’re new here and I’m sorry you had to hear that from one of our employees. I assure you this will be dealt with.”

“Thank you, because I don’t appreciate that.”

The next afternoon when Carl came to work Andrew approached him with another manager asking if he indeed had heard what Thomas said. Carl was an honest man. He didn’t want to snitch on the misguided lad but he wasn’t going to lie for him either. Carl knew that Thomas didn’t understand what he had said or whom he had said it in front of. Carl impressed upon him to apologize to the woman because he was sure she was offended. Andrew asked Carl to write a statement and he obliged. There was no way around it.

Thomas was later confronted with the evidence of the statements he had made and how he had been warned and written up several times before. Thomas was aloof and dismissive as usual not realizing the severity of the situation.

“Yes or no, did you say this Thomas?”

“I guess, yes. I was just kidding guy. What’s the big deal?”

“Do you understand that can be viewed as a racist statement?”

“Racist, c’mon. So you’re calling me a racist?”

“No, your comment was.”

“This is BS.”

Andrew smiled at Thomas, so happy that his goose was finally cooked.

“You may say this is BS Thomas but it doesn’t change that fact that you are terminated.”

“Terminated! You mean you are actually going to fire me. You can’t be serious.”

“Yes Thomas, very serious. Now, will you please leave the building sir.”

Andrew stood up and walked away from the booth in which they were sitting. His assistant manager walked Thomas out of the restaurant for the last time. Thomas stopped by the liquor store and bought himself a bottle of vodka on the way home. He thought that maybe he and his estranged ex-girlfriend could share it as he licked his wounds and vented about how unfair it was for him to lose his job. They hadn’t spoken much the previous three weeks but she was always there for him when the chips were down.

When he arrived home he got a very unwelcome surprise. As he walked through the front door he called for her.

“Julie, hey Julie I know we haven’t been talkin’ much lately but I was thinking maybe we could drink a little vodka and…”

That’s when Thomas saw her on the back patio with her best girlfriend and two guys having dinner. They were sitting at the patio table his parents bought for then when they bought the couch. He was crushed. Everything came crashing in on him all at once. Thomas stood in the kitchen window looking at them as he made his drink. No one took notice to him and without realizing a tear started to roll down his cheek. Laughs were had and seductive looks were given across the glass table. Dave Mathew’s Band played in the background. That cut Tomas just a little deeper. That used to be their thing. The two of them went to see the band in concert a little over a year earlier.

Hearing Julie bang another guy was tough enough but to see her looking at a guy the way she looked at him hurt that much more.

“She really likes this guy, whoever he is. I guess she really has moved on. Damn that sucks.”

Thomas thought to himself as he wiped his cheek and walked to his room with the bottle and the tall glass of screwdriver he made for himself. Over the next two hours he watched television, drinking and weeping. The volume was low so that he could hear what was going on in the living room once the couples came inside. Thomas wallowed in his own misery while secretly wanting Julie to at least come and check on him. Her heard them talking about him.

“Julie, is Thomas home?”

“I don’t know, why?”

“Isn’t that his car in the parking lot?”

“Yeah, I guess so. Anyway.”

“Well where is he?”

“I guess he’s in his room Rebecca. I really don’t care.”

“Okay, I just thought it was a little weird. This whole thing is a little weird.”

“The lease is up in three months and when it is, I’m outta here.”

“Do you think you and Doug might move in together?”

“It’s a possibility.”

Rebecca grabbed both of her friend’s hands interlocking their fingers, palm to palm. The girls jumped in place squealing.

“I am so happy for you. He is such a good guy. I am so glad you got rid of that A-hole Thomas. God he was such a jerk all of the time and he didn’t treat you right. I couldn’t wait for you to move on from that guy.”

Thomas cursed Rebecca under his breath. He never liked her anyway. She was often the victim of a barrage of his insults. Thomas loved the rise he always got out of the preacher’s daughter. Whenever he angered her to the level of cursing at him he would always try to make her feel guilty for using that language as a Christian girl. Rebecca ignored the foolish boy understanding her faith and also that he was her trigger. She rarely cursed except when speaking to or about Thomas. Rebecca prayed for him but couldn’t wait to have him removed from her and Julie’s lives.

Twenty minutes later the two happy couples left the residence to go out and play pool. Thomas finally exited his hot smelly room when he heard them leave. He still had half a bottle left and he was drunk to the point of stumbling around. He looked through the refrigerator, pantry and cabinets to find that not much was there. When they were still a couple Julie always bought groceries, cleaning products and toiletries for their home. Now that they were split up, Thomas had to fend for himself. He mostly ate take out or fast food. She on the other hand bought small single meals and prepared just what she could consume.

He found a lone bag of Ramen Noodles and some out of date turkey bacon. The brokenhearted fool nuked the noodles and bacon, grabbed a big cup of ice and orange juice then trudged back to his bedroom. There he sipped and slurped as he awaited the return of his heart’s tormentor. Thomas felt so sorry for himself; ironically he could never muster sympathy, empathy or compassion for others. The poor boy passed out before Julie arrived back home.

Thomas awoke at two in the morning with noodles, turkey bacon and dried broth covering his abdomen and comforter. He was nauseous and dizzy. Stumbling and staggering, he made it to the bathroom almost in time. Onto the white bathroom towels and tile spewed Thomas’ lunch and dinner. He turned, dropped to his knees and plunged his head into the toilet just short of the water. His face was dry at the moment but he received plenty of splash back from the puke hitting the toilet water with such force. Projectile vomiting, moaning and thriving in pain was Thomas over the next seven minutes. Fortunately the waves of barf slowed, then eventually came to a stop.

As he paused he could hear moaning and soft words being spoken. The moaning was evoked from pleasure and passion not pain like his. There wasn’t a lot of headboard banging, yelling or sounds of flesh slapping together be he knew what was going on in Julie’s room. Now Thomas had heard his former love having loud drunken sex with some football stud and now soft passionate lovemaking with the guy of her dreams. He thought it wasn’t possible but he felt just a little bit lower as he dragged himself back to his bedroom. Now suffering from a splitting headache he stripped his bed and lay on the bare mattress covered by a dry sheet he picked up off the floor. Unfortunately for him slumber didn’t come easy. He tossed and turned thinking about all of the problems he now had. Never once did he think about curbing his behavior so that he may enjoy a better quality of life.

“Thomas, why don’t you just come home for a while so that you can regroup. It’s tough going through a breakup Sweetheart and for her to throw her romances in your face. That’s just cruel.”

Thomas always called on his mommy to solve his major problems. He would go through her to get to his father. She was his liaison, coddler and shield. He loved her for it. Thomas loved his mother for all that she provided him. That morning he ate breakfast at his mother’s table after his father left the home. He explained to her how he lost his job, minimizing his culpability in getting himself fired. His mother decided that she and her husband would pay his half of the rent and utilities until he found gainful employment. She also offered for him to come home to live whenever he felt it necessary. Thomas didn’t want to go back home just yet, especially if he could get his parents to pay his rent.

The boy had more partying to do; living with his parents might prevent that. Thomas indulged in recreational drugs and he even sold them from time to time. He wasn’t really a steady dealer, more of an opportunist. His drug dealing netted him no money, only free drugs. In front of his friends he played tough, never letting on just how hurt he was by his girlfriend breaking up with him and losing his job. In between partying and acting foolish to impress his peers, Thomas was applying for jobs.

He interviewed well and understood how to make a great first impression. Thomas knew what they wanted to hear so he was sure to say it. Present himself as a respectful, dedicated and industrious young man did Thomas to secure employment at an upscale seafood restaurant. His mother was overjoyed when he told her the good news. She still insisted on helping him through the last two months of his lease.

It wasn’t long before Thomas started acting like his old self again. He was rude and crude towards his coworkers, argumentative with management and lax in his duties. Thomas was good with his guests but the friction he caused in the restaurant eventually came to a head.

“Thomas! How many times do I have to tell you about your language? I don’t want to hear that in the workplace.”

Thomas smiled wide, proud of himself.

“What? I just told him to close his cock holster.”

He laughed. His manager was incensed that once again Thomas was not taking him seriously. He could take no more.

“Thomas clock out and go home!”

Thomas smirked.

“What? Are you serious Bro? You’re gonna send me home just…”

“Just clock out and go home now!”

Thomas grudgingly did as he was told while mumbling under his breath. His manager Jim went to his office to document the incident while it was fresh on his mind. When he opened Thomas’ file he saw many write ups from other managers for insubordination, tardiness and unprofessional behavior. Jim realized that he now had the grounds to fire his problem employee. He put all of the paperwork in order and made his management team aware. He would deliver the news, with pleasure, to Thomas before his next scheduled shift.

Surprisingly Thomas took the news well. It was almost as if he was expecting it. He knew that he had been pushing his luck for a long time. He never liked Jim very much but he did respect him and he knew that the man was well within his rights to terminate him. Thomas stopped by a local watering hole on his way home to his parents’ house. He wanted to tie one on because he knew that eventually he would have to go to his mother with his tail between his legs offering her yet another sob story about how he was wrongfully terminated. He was now in his late twenties and getting fired wasn’t acceptable anymore. He needed to be able to hold down a job.

Thomas was adequate at his job but he just couldn’t get a grip on those lips. There he sat on a bar stool calling everyone and anyone he could to come join him to no avail. So there he sat, slowly getting drunk trying to strike up conversations with strangers. He was ignored. It was as if he just wreaked of desperate disdain. The boy was a downer. Sadly he still didn’t recognize that the disrespect he showed people was directly related to his dire situation. The love of his life was gone, he had lost two jobs in two years and he was unemployed, back living with his parents.

Today was another sad day but tomorrow he would be back at it. Talking down to people in an attempt to make them the butt of his jokes. Saying inappropriate, insulting and sometimes boarder line racist comments to anyone he came in contact with. Thomas was an equal opportunity verbal abuser. He offended and affronted many different types of people and in return his life sucked. What he put out in the world he got in return. Thomas didn’t like to endure hardships but he just couldn’t curb his behavior for loved being a jerk so much. So there he was, sitting sad and sloppy on a bar stool without a friend in the world and no one to talk nasty to… except himself.

Part Time Sucka


Dave Carol was a hard, selfish man and an even tougher boss. Joy he found in berating, threatening and undermining his employees. The general manager of a medical supply company, there were always an endless supply of underlings to abuse. Just the sound of his voice struck terror in the hearts of his employees. Never did he just give orders or direction; he barked them. Everyone understood that the slightest misstep could cost them their employment no matter their position or seniority. The office employees were always on edge.

The warehouse employees had it far worse in dealing with Mr. Carol. Mostly young men in their twenties, they posed a huge threat to Dave’s ego. The fit ripped, young bucks reminded Carol of what he had lost, his youth. The pudgy forty-seven year old was twice the body yet half the man he used to be. So with great bluster and elusions of self grander he welded his power across the warehouse floor. Dave was most vicious to the young men when female employees were present. Figuratively he was now the old lion losing his once long mane. The younger males would soon be worthy adversaries so he showed them cruelty in an attempt to stunt their growth as men.

Mr. Carol was the divorced father of one, a son. Jeremy Carol was an inquisitive, athletic kid unaffected by his father’s absence in his life. His mother Carol remarried when he was five. She was so happy to shed the name Carol Carol. Jeremy called his stepfather Jason, Dad. Jason coached Jeremy in football, baseball and basketball; sports were their bond. Young Jeremy was an all star in every sport. Dave never attended a single event. He paid child support but was never vested in his son’s life. Carol was more than satisfied with their arrangement. Dave was a horrible, unfaithful, self fish husband and a neglectful father. They were better off without him. She thanked God for her loving Jason everyday. David could care less, he had no contact with his young son in over three years, before then he only called on birthdays and Christmas.

Dave liked to drink and even indulge in a little cocaine from time to time but his main vice was young women. He’d give them anything just to have the opportunity to keep a little time with them. He was truly a sucker for false love and trickery disguised as affection or admiration. His latest pay for play girlfriend was a twenty-four year old blonde named Amber. Amber was quite the party girl, struggling to hold down a job for any extended period of time. She learned in her late teens that she could supplement her income and standard of living by dating older guys. She stroked their egos and manhood and in return they stroked their credit cards purchasing gifts and offering cash. Amber ran her husband hustle on Dave allowing him to believe that they were exclusive so that he would be free with his love and most importantly his money. If he believed that she loved him, he would in return work to give her the world. Despite his dedication, kindness and giving; Amber would eventually grow tired of Dave like she had all of the others. His foolish heart would be broken and she would be on to the next old fool.

Dave showed off his little blue eyed beauty every chance he got. He had her meet him at his normal watering holes and haunts. All of his middle aged friends were more than impressed with his latest conquest. He let them all know that he still had it and the ladies still wanted it. David encouraged Amber to wear revealing clothes around the guys so that he could show her off making them all drool. Carol didn’t need to encourage Amber; she liked being close to the guys and getting to know them better. She was always on the prowl for her next mark.

There was a meeting at the facility that Dave oversaw and all of the high ranking executives in the company would be there. Most of them admired Dave for being such a “hard ass” with his staff and ruling with an iron fist. Dave wanted to further impress them by showing off his young girlfriend to the board of male chauvinist pigs. It was highly unprofessional to have her at the luncheon and tour her around the plant but there was no one Dave had to answer to. The good ole boys loved it and even got in a pat or two to Amber’s delight. She was trying to decipher who the biggest of the big wigs was.

Eventually they made their way to the warehouse. He wanted to show her off to those young boys to let them know he could get hot young chicks too. As they walked the floor and he introduced his young love to his grunts in the warehouse and sinister smile slid across Amber’s thin lips. Everyone was cordial and Dave puffed his chest out with a wide proud smile across his face showing off his pearly white veneers. As they were leaving the warehouse floor Amber asked her older beau where the ladies room was. She couldn’t hold it until she got back to his office.

“Babe can you point me to the ladies room?”

“Sure but we’ve got one in the office.”

“I don’t know if I can hold it.”

“Okay, it’s right over there.”

He pointed towards the lavatory.

“Do you want me to wait on you?”

“No Honey, you’re entertaining people. I can take care of myself. I just go up those stairs and take a left right?”

“Yes, meet me in my office.”

“Okay, I’ll see you there in a moment.”

Amber went into the bathroom, checked her make up, washed her hands then exited. As she opened the door she was approached by a familiar face.

“What’s up Amber?”

“What’s up Jake?”


Amber giggled then tugged on a belt loop on Jake’s jeans.

“You know, we should hook up sometime Amber.”

She smiled wide.

“That sounds good.”

Jake smirked.

“What are you doing with that douche bag anyway? Is he like your boyfriend or something?”

Amber laughed out loud.

“Shit, more like my sugar daddy.”

“You know Carols and Rob work here too. We should all get together.”

“Just like old times. Here take my number.”


“All right, I’ve got to go.”

“Alright girl.”

Jake gave Amber a playful slap on the bottom; she turned and smiled one last time then trotted off. A week later Amber was partying with her old high school crew, smoking, drinking and partaking in some recreational drugs. She was intimate with each of them engaging in group physical activities. Dave found himself getting less and less time with his best girl. She always had an excuse about family, something related to furthering her education or an outing with friends. In actuality she was blowing him off to have a little fun. In their fun, a plan was formed.

“So how long you gonna date that dick anyway?”

“I don’t know Jake. I guess as long as he’s paying, I’ll be playing.”

They all laughed then Carlos chimed in.

“I know he gives you money and all but you should get him for a lot at one time and then dump his dumpy ass.”

They all laughed, nodding their heads then Rob had something to offer to the hustle.

“Why don’t you tell him you’re going to school or something; since, you’re always lying about that anyway.”

Amber smiled then chugged her beer.

“I know he would go for that for sure. But what if he wants to make the check out to the school instead of me.”

Jake was quick to jump in.

“You can just tell him you have to write checks for different departments. You know; housing, meals and stuff. Pick a school about three hours away so it makes since for you to have to stay there from time to time. Get him to write a check for one lump sum and tell him financial aid paid the rest. He’ll be proud to help you out. Just tell him that you’ll give him some dorm sex. Fat Boy probably never got laid in college so that should appeal to him.”

The idea of this scam excited Amber; she readily embraced her role. Jake continued on.

“You know, we all need to get a cut too.”


“Good, we’re all about to quit that place anyway. We’re tired of working for that asshole. My cousin, Vinnie got us a job working with him at a warehouse in Winter Garden. Don’t tell your boyfriend; his fat ass won’t know until we walk out. And, I don’t know about ya’ll but I want to walk out of there holding his money, waving it in the air.”

Jake held his right hand up holding three bills and waved them next to his ear. Laughs went around the circle as they high fived one another. Days later Amber initiated the plan. She started working Dave; she even showed him a well written essay on the Convict Cichlid. Her coconspirator Carlos gave her an old essay he wrote in college then offered her brief general information on the Cichlid Fish family. Dave was highly impressed; he quickly, readily believed in her.

“I didn’t know you were so bright Amber. I had no idea that Oscars, Angel Fish, Jack Dempsey, they’re all Cichlids. This is so well written; you really have a talent for this.”

Amber gave him a big hug and a kiss on the lips. He didn’t get many of those. David was pleased.

“Oh Davie, you really think so? I was wanted to be a journalist, columnist and eventually an author. Do you really think I can do it?”

David took the bait, hook line and sinker.

“Yes. I feel like you can do anything you put your mind to.”

“Great, I want to show you something. I’ve been doing some research and giving my future a lot of thought. I know that there is so much more that I could be doing with my life. I want to share my talents with the world. Just knowing that you believe in me Davie makes me believe in myself.”

Amber pulled out a catalog from a small state university and told David of her plan to go away to college. Initially he didn’t like the idea of being separated from her but then she brought up the dorm sex and the fact that she would see him almost every weekend and holiday. He didn’t want to kill her dream so he continued to encourage her. Amber seemed to be ecstatic. Dave was pleased that she was pleased. It was as if they made the decision together.

Days later after consulting with her coconspirators; Amber came to Dave with some distressing news.

“Dave I can believe it! Everything is ruined. I don’t know why they won’t help me.”

Dave held her in an attempt to console her. Amber looked up at him with tear filled eyes.

“What is it Baby? What’s the matter?”

“It’s my financial aid. It’s not going to cover everything and I just don’t know what to do now. I knew this dream of mine wasn’t to be.”

Dave held her tighter then questioned her.

“What do you mean they won’t cover it? How short are you?”

“I’m going to need nine thousand dollars for everything.”

“Nine thousand? Are there any grants that you can apply for?”

“I already looked into it and there is nothing I can do now, it’s too late. They want the money by Thursday of next week.”

Dave sat back and stroked his goatee. Amber could tell that his wheels were spinning trying to find a way to save her.

“I’m just going to call them tomorrow and tell them that I won’t be attending. So much for that.”

Amber buried her face in her hands and started to fake weep. Dave gently rubbed her back trying to calm her.

“Listen Honey, I may be able to help you.”

Amber popped up as if she was super surprised.

“What?! I couldn’t ask you to do that Davie.”

He held her by the shoulders and looked deep into her watery eyes.

“Look, I want to do whatever I can to help you achieve your goals in life. I believe in you and more importantly, I love you.”

Amber smiled wide and hugged him tight around his neck as if he had finally told her the magic words she had been waiting to hear all of her life. She kissed him on his cheek then pulled back and looked him in the eye.

“I love you too Davie. I love you too Baby. Thank you so much. I am so grateful to you, oh thank you; thank you so much. But wait how are you going to get the money?”

Dave proudly told her of the different places he could draw money from so that he could write her a check. He drew from his savings, paid penalties for early withdraws from his IRA and mutual funds to be sure his Baby had what she needed. He even threw in an extra five-hundred dollars for good measure. Dave wanted to be sure she had money for food and supplies. Of course he took her shopping to purchase everything she would need for her first semester away at school. Amber and her crew decided on the first day how they would split the money. Jake, Carlos and Rob would each get fifteen hundred dollars and Amber would keep forty-five hundred for herself and whatever other perks she could con Dave out of.

Everyday Amber would show Dave more information on the school and how excited she was to be attending. Amber need not say another word to him; she had already said all that she needed to say to him. When she told the love sick fool that she loved him, she had him hooked. Still in her free time she partied with her crew while waiting on the check to be written. She shared every detail of her relationship with Dave repeating each one of the sucker’s sappy words. Many a laugh did they share at Dave’s expense. Every time he berated one of the boys at work they would just look at each other and smile, enjoying every moment of their last days working for Dave Carol.

The day finally came that Dave handed Amber an envelope with a check for ninety-five hundred dollars and a sweet note inside of it. Jake and the guys spent their last few weeks working for the company sabotaging the business. They mislabeled product, ship materials to incorrect locations and hid vital materials around the plant. Some of their “mistakes” were showing up on reports. They couldn’t pin down exactly what was going so Dave called a meeting in the main conference room and everyone in the company was to attend. He went on his normal rant threatening jobs and belittling people.

“…And these problems better be resolved now or there’s going to be a whole bunch of sad children on Christmas this year. No one is safe! The next issue I come across, someone is getting a pink slip! Do you all understand me?!”

Some people answered quietly. This angered Dave so he yelled again.

“I said does everyone understand me!!!!?”

The terrified staff answered in unison.


David looked them all over with his nastiest scowl, almost snarling at them. Then he asked a rhetorical question of the petrified people.

“Does anyone have any questions!?”

Jake, Rob and Carlos looked around at one another and smiled. Jake raised his hand first.

“I have a question. Why are you always such a dick?”

David was shocked then infuriated by what he was hearing.

“What’s that Jake you trying to get fired today!?”

Rob stood up and spoke up loudly.

“You can’t fire him if he already quit dick!”

Quiet giggles went around the room. Then Carlos laughed out loud for everyone to hear.

“You find something funny Carlos? Do you want to join these two clowns on the unemployment line?!”

Carlos finished his laughter before answering.

“We don’t care about getting fired bitch because we already got our severance pay.”

All three of them waved their fifteen hundred dollars in the air. David was puzzled.

“What the hell are you talking about where did you get that money from?”

The boys answered in unison.

“We got it from your bitch, biiiitttch!”

Now loud laughter could be heard around the room. Jake continued on.

“Yea, we all been screwing your little girlfriend and this is some of the money your dumbass gave her to go away to school with. She was playing you the whole time. Did you really think she would be banging your old flabby ass for free? What a douche!”

David felt the urge to attack Jake but he thought better of it. There were too many witnesses and he wasn’t exactly sure if he would win the fight. He just ordered them out.

“Get out of this building now before I call security!”

Carlos decided to get in one last shot.

“No problem fat boy. I feel like getting laid now anyway. Yo Rob you think Amber is down for a threesome?”

“When isn’t she down to gobble these nuts?”


The boys laughed and pointed in Dave’s direction. Dave looked around mortified. He could see in the eyes of his subordinates that they were losing respect for him by the second. He had shown her off to everyone proclaiming her to be his young girlfriend and he was learning that she was banging half of the warehouse crew. The three friends made their way to the door then Jake stopped and turned to offer his parting shot.

“I’m sorry Dave. I’m sorry that you can’t even get it up when you take your special little blue pills. You know that no matter how many of those pills you take it won’t make your little pecker grow any bigger. Amber told us how you were just a little fella. I guess you’ve got a dickie do. Your belly sticks out farther than your dickie do. Ha, ha, ha!”

Jake held up his right hand, thumb and index finger less than an inch apart as an example of the size of Dave’s member. The three guys slapped each other five and chuckled at their former boss. When the door closed behind them the room fell silent. Dave felt himself sweating everywhere. Perspiration pooled on in upper lip, under his arm pits, down his back and even in his shorts. He was embarrassed, ashamed and felt small all at once. He needed to get out of this space.

“Meeting adjourned!”

David stormed towards the door , pushing his way pass middle managers and employees alike. He needed to make his way to a phone. He needed to speak to Amber! People made comments to one another as he walked briskly down the hallway towards his office.

“I bet you he is going to go call that whore girlfriend of his. How much you wanna bet she don’t take his call now that she’s got his money.”

“Yea, he’s a tough guy around here but at the same time he let his self get hustle by some little slut who’s sleeping with his employees. I guess what comes around goes around.”

The two women shared a chortle as they made their way back to the packing room. Gossip flowed all around the building that day raising company moral somewhat. David’s bad news was their good news, his pain their joy. No one felt any empathy, sadness or even pity for Mr. Carol. It was just too difficult to muster up the compassion for a man who had been a tyrant in the workplace everyday.

Dave was in panic mode calling Amber. Without ringing, the phone went straight to voice mail.

“Hello, hey Davie Baby. I guess you know by now huh? Don’t be sad, don’t be mad, just remember the times. You got what you paid for and you wouldn’t trade it for the world. Just think of how good you felt. Good. Now, this phone will be turned off today so this will be the last time you hear my voice, savor it. It was what it was, now it is time for you to let go. Have a good life.”

She ended the message laughing hysterically then Jake, Carlos and Rob joined her. David could tell their voices. He was furious. Across his office he threw his cell phone breaking it against the far wall. He couldn’t believe that he had been fooled that easily. He laid his head down on his desk. One tear slid from his left eye and trickled across the bridge of his nose landing on his right cheek. He was truly heartbroken. His world came crashing in on him. His part time lover had turned him into her part time sucker and left his life in shambles.

Before he could truly wallow in his own misery, the phone rang. He gathered himself then slowly answered.

“Hum hello.”

“Carol didn’t I tell you to get your shit together down there! I’ve got five distributors telling me they have wrong and mislabeled product. Do you know how much this is going to cost the company? You’ve got a week to sort this out or I swear I’ll fire your ass!”

Mr. Johnson the Regional Manager hung up before Dave could respond. He knew that he was in trouble. It didn’t take him long to realize that he had been sabotaged by his warehouse staff. That night Dave found himself on a fork lift trying to get an order out. Before he could load any pallets he had to check every box. Very carefully he loaded the container and got the packing information together. He locked the container and prepared it for shipping. Unknown to David, Carlos altered information in the system causing the container to be shipped to a town by the same name in a different state.

When the mistake was discovered David was promptly fired. He couldn’t understand how his life could unravel in a matter of weeks. He was love sick, had squandered most of his savings and lost his employment. All this over a girl who never truly wanted to be with him. Depression fell over the man as he attempted to find new employment to no avail.

Eventually he had to settle for a job as office support working for a large angry man like himself. Now he was the one being talked down to and yelled at. He had come full circle, from the top back to the bottom. Child support, taxes and insurance ate up more than half of his check so he eventually had to sell his home and rent an apartment. A year later in his humble little dwelling he sat alone eating beans straight out of the can. Thoughts of Amber crossed his mind. He had yet to get over her, probably because he had yet to be with another woman. Pounds he packed on eating fast food and drinking cheap beer.

One day while driving to work Dave thought he saw Amber on the road. She was sitting in the passenger side of a BMW. Amber had dyed her hair and she was wearing a scarf and shades but David was sure that it was her. He drove up closer to the vehicle so that he could get a better look. Driving the BMW was a grey haired guy who looked to be about in his mid fifties. On his wrist was a Rolex on his right hand was a platinum diamond pinky ring. He could see that Amber had traded up. She might be able to scam this guy for thirty grand or so. Dave had a mind to pull up to the car and say something to Amber but just then they turned onto the exit ramp. David couldn’t risk being late for work. He didn’t want to get chewed out by his boss.

He just looked over at the beautiful BMW as it ascended up the ramp and thought about what once was. Several tears escaped his eyes. David felt so alone, so unwanted. He would do anything now just to be someone’s Part Time Sucker.

This Could All Be So Simple

“This could all be so simple, but I see you’d rather make it hard.”

Ralph didn’t answer; he just looked off in the distance, back turned to her.

“We both agreed and now it seems that you don’t want to cooperate. I don’t understand Ralph, why are we going through this?”

Still he didn’t answer.

“So what, are you not speaking to me now?”

He had nothing to offer.

“Okay fine, you keep it then.”

Sally tossed the doll across the room hitting Ralph in the back with it. She turned on a dime and walked towards the front door. He wanted to call out to her but his pride silenced him. He never turned to watch her walk out. He could only hear her heels on the hard tiles. A tear rolled down his cheek as he heard her close the front door for the last time, crank her car up and pull away. Ralph turned and looked down at the doll lying at his feet. His tears fell like rain wetting the doll’s face. The value of the doll given to the former couple as a gift from a collector didn’t matter to him. He knew Sally loved it, so initially he wanted to take it just to hurt her. Later as the day of their break up drew closer he realized that the doll would be the last thing he had of her. She slept with it every night and held it tight just like she used to do him. Now the doll was all his; a reminder of what a fool, in love, he had been causing him to be the lonely fool he is now.


Learning The Art Of Love


Men, in our youth we want to master the art of war. As we mature we yearn to learn the art of love. When young we often ran from love in search of a fight. Our manhood we intended to prove everyday. Chest pounding, acting out, trying to be louder than all the others is how we attempted to show how much of a man we were. Life was a pissing contest because we were now smelling our own. Looking back I smile at that young fella, so unwise in so many ways. Years ago, grudgingly I left his immature ways behind but held on to the memory. The memory, a reminder of who I was and who I am. Now I give love and receive so much of it in return, a man now… learning the art of love.

Dreams No Longer Fallow


No longer are her dreams left fallow; the seed, finally planted during the ideal growing season. This time she will nourish it with the love and enthusiasm it needs to grow. Prolonged procrastination has prevented pleasure through plausible productivity for she possesses power in her pen worthy of praise. Erudition in encouragement, she inspires those who aspire to chase dreams of their own. It is her dream now that will come to fruition as she has taken the first tentative steps towards personal greatness. Providential and privileged are persons under the pour of her profound prose. Probing then piercing, her words penetrate the soul of all within earshot. Woven together, her expressions enclose utterances of tensile strength fortifying unique thought.

Yesterday was the first day and a beginning to the inevitable. The inevitable being her success. When she succeeds, we all achieve because she is one of our chosen.

Her declaration of determination to achieve has assured that her dexterity will never again be devoured by doubt. Diacritical diction, dibbled into the domes of the dimwitted which they will dawn as unseen diadem, she’s destined to deliver. Congratulation and Appreciation I hold for her for she is ultra-deserving of both. Anxiously I am awaiting her accomplishments so that I may celebrate her triumph and it’s reaching for us all. Sincere thought and support breeds more, so that is what I give to you today in return for what you have given me.

Remember, the realization of your dream is the realization of our dream so please remain diligent and committed. You represent our pride and future, so you must do what you are called to do. We need you to

Where She At?

Chris Cooper, lover of many loved by so few found a new love today. Mandy is her name, voluptuous with the fairest of skin and hair the color of rust. Some of her friends jokingly called her “The Ginger”. Very social Mandy was and many friends she held dear. Most of Mandy’s friends were male. Chris thought Mandy to be the love of his life Mandy thought Chris to be just another of her male friends no more important than the rest. They had some good times, they had some laughs but when they were apart Chris would always ask “Where she at?”. He thought of her all the time, she was always on his mind, she was always on his mind. Obsessive was Chris in his love for Mandy The Ginger, never realizing it wasn’t being returned. Together they worked at a restaurant, she a waitress, he a bartender. Chris tried to mirror her schedule so that he could be with her more often but Mandy was employed elsewhere as well. She worked in retail as a part time cashier. Her manager she lusted for, but he could sense her feelings and kept her at a distance. Engaged to a young lady who was quite the big wig in the company, he was not willing to risk his future for a tryst with a young girl fifteen years his junior. Mandy yearned to caress his dark skin and muscular body. She often stated that he had to buy her a drink on her twenty-first birthday. Mandy knew the watering hole he frequented and who his friends were. She would be sure to be there when she knew he was there. Whenever he saw her he resisted her charms. He didn’t want to be caught in public fraternizing with his employees especially not his younger female ones. Mandy’s other males were often confronted or questioned by love sick Chris. Chris’ erratic behavior sometimes irritated Mandy when it effected her relationships with her other males. But Chris was the most dedicated so she kept him around. He treated her like the sun of his universe, oh and he bought all of her drinks too. Sometimes he may even show up where she was and pay her tab. On a faithful night the favorite watering hole of all was showing a pay per view boxing match and everyone gathered to watch. Mandy didn’t spend the day with Chris instead she spent it with two of her other males. Chris sat and got drunk, angry he couldn’t contact the one he loved. Later that evening Chris staggered into the establishment full of fight fans in search of his sweet Mandy. He spotted her standing behind two big guys sitting at the bar with her hand on one other their shoulders. Rush up to them Chris did in defense of his best girl.

“Take your hands off of her!”

He threw a drunken punch. He missed. Blows were returned, Chris slid down to the floor unconscious before he dropped. Kicked and stomped a bit before being rescued by patrons and employees. Pulled away to safety Chris slowly awoke. When asked if he was alright he but one response… “Where She At?!?” Where she was, was in another male’s bed less than an hour after Chris was checked into the hospital.
That’s Where She At?