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Hands Sent From Heaven


I’ve never yearned for the touch of another they way I yearn for yours. Daily you ease the stress and tension from my body with those soft, tender little hands of yours. Achy back, stiff neck, cramped legs and clicking joints are cured by the power of your stroke. They are not only soothing but healing to me. When messaging it’s almost like molding, molding my tired broken down body and spirit back to form. Your hands touch my soul. There have been other hands before, some a little prettier, some a little more shapely but none that have ever made me feel more complete. Your hands are greater because they hold more purpose and unconditional love. Their only motive is to ease my pain and for that I am grateful. Those hands of yours coax the good out of me. They encourage my nature causing it to rise, when you rub them on my belly they ease stomach-aches giving me appetite to consume and when you run them up the nape of my neck and behind my ears, they bring on slumber. Stress, twinges, throbbing and dull pains are put to rest by your talented digits digging in deep. You rub every bump on my bald head with tenderness then caress and massage my temples. Baby, you send a one of a kind tingle up my spine with your heavenly hands. I need never ask because you are always preemptive in your petting, prompting me to purr. Effort and selflessness go a long way in cultivating love and your stroke is the most giving and fulfilling. I want to give a thanks to God for creating those heavenly hands and placing them in my life. They have made my existence here more tolerable recently and I thank you for sharing them with me. I also hope that every deserving man at some time or another in his life can find a woman that touches them the way you touch me, emotionally as well as physically. May my touch develop to move you the same and comfort your spirit as we embark on this journey called love and life. When we’re apart, I patiently wait for the next time your hands grace my body bringing me ecstasy and elation. That is why every time you ask if I would like a massage I say yes with no hesitation. I appreciate you because other than prayer your hands are all I need to ease my frustration. If I could package your touch and issue it to the public it would be the healing of the nation.

Thank you Baby



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