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Involuntarily Being Slick


Girlfriends Tameka and Tara sit in a Pine Hills greasy spoon sharing the week’s events over chili cheese fries and strawberry milkshakes.

“So what’d you do on your day off last week Tara?”

“You remember I told you that I was going to that new furniture store with one of my bosses.”

“Oh yea, how was it? Did they have some nice stuff?”

“Yea they had some real nice stuff…”

Tara looked down into her chili cheese fries in an effort to avoid direct eye contact with her closest and longest friend. Tameka could easily tell by her friend’s body language that she had something on her mind.

“What’s wrong Tara?”


“Girl don’t try me, something’s wrong with you.”

Tara looked up from her lunch with an expression of confession; their eyes met.

“Come on Tara give it up, what happened?”

Tameka was growing impatient; as best friends, it was mandatory they divulge all dirt to one another and she wanted it now!

“Relax girl, it ain’t nothin’ all that juicy, it’s just a little weird that’s all and I want your opinion.”

“Well what is it?”

Tara smiled at her girlfriend’s anxiousness to hear her slight tale of a minor nonevent.

“Girl calm down, I told you it wasn’t nothin’ big. It’s just that when he asked me to go to the furniture store with him, I assumed that his wife would be going with us.” “Ooooh girl! You going’ on dates with married men now, and your boss at that!” “You better stop girl, it wasn’t a date and nothing happened other than us looking at furniture; be quiet and let me tell you so I can hear what you think about it.”

“Ok girl, I’m listening, go ahead.”

Tara took a sip of her milkshake and restarted her story.

“He told me that their baby would be coming with us; their two older children would be in school. Now I’ve talked with his wife at the job a couple of times and she seems real nice; again, I thought she would be there. I don’t know if he implied that she would be there or if I just assumed so, either way she should have been there.”

Tameka nodded her head in agreement with Tara’s statement.

“He did have the baby with him, but then again the baby can’t talk. I also know how men use babies to get women.”

“You know that’s right girl.”

Tameka interjected with a smirk on her lips and a wag of her head then reverted back to her role of concerned listener.

“He didn’t try anything or say anything he shouldn’t. We just looked at the furniture and then I told him I had somewhere to be because I didn’t like the situation.” “That’s good girl, you did the right thing.”

“Wait girl, that ain’t the best part. When I saw him at work two days later he let it slip that his wife didn’t know that he went to the furniture store with me. He didn’t tell me like that. He just said… yo wifey was mad when she found out I went to that furniture store without her. So I know that she didn’t know that I went with him and her baby.” “Yea, you right girl. I would be pissed if my man took my baby somewhere with some woman and I didn’t know about it. Shoot he might get cut!”

The two ladies giggled as Tameka gestured as if she were cutting her man with an imaginary knife she was wielding.

“You know he’s from New York like me right?”


“Well there’s this place on his side of town that he keeps on telling me about that has this authentic New York style pizza. Before the whole furniture store thing I was thinking about meeting him there, hopefully with his family. But, now I don’t feel right about seeing him outside of work. He was trying to get me to go there next week when I’m off but, I’m definitely not going.”

“Yea girl you don’t need to go no where else with him, it don’t look right.”

“You think he was trying somethin’?”

“I don’t know but he was trying to be slick by not telling his wife and bringing the baby to make you feel safe. You were being slick too.”

A defensive frown covered Tara’s face before she responded.

“What girl, how was I trying to be slick?! I thought she was going to be there.”

Tameka smiled because she could see that she got a rise out of her girlfriend.


Tara’s facial expression quickly transformed from irritated to looking perplexed.

“What you mean involuntarily?”

Tameka let off another sly grin before answering.

“If his wife or anybody else rolled up on you, him and that baby in a furniture store they would say you were being slick because you know that he’s married. Even though you thought she was going to be there. He was being slick and because you were with him, you were involuntarily being slick too. You were involuntarily being slick.” “You know, you’re right girl. I was; I was involuntarily being slick… damn.”

Involuntarily Being Slick

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