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Swindling Sweetie


“Yo what up Scoop? You know I jump tomorrow. I can’t wait ta get out dis bitch man!”

“You lucky, some of us gonna be here for seven more years.”

Randy walked over and stroked Scoop’s straightened jet black hair in an attempt to comfort then arouse him, enticing oral sex.

“You gonna be alright baby you know you strong. You a survivor. You been the best thing to happen to me since I been here. I ain’t never gonna be able to forget you.”

Randy’s charms worked and his mission was accomplished, his lover Scoop was happy to please. He was on top of the world as he walked the yard for what he knew would be the last time. Randy decided that he would get in one last workout and touch on his plans with his cohorts. He and two of his buddies from the old neighborhood had been placing personal ads in newspapers around the nation and creating pen pals. They were posing as twenty year-old blond haired blue eyed boys looking for a mature male to have a summer romance with. They hustled men out of their money in many different ways. Many fictional operations, mortgages, rent, electric bills, tuition, car notes and credit card bills had been paid by unsuspecting horny men in the area. Bus, train and plain tickets were purchased as well as money wired but Sweetie never arrived. That was the name they used, Sweetie. They had multiple post office boxes on the outside that they had people going to gathering the letters and then sending them to the prison. The letters went in and out the same way. The money was collected and saved by each man’s wife or baby mama. Each prisoner was sure to confirm the amount given by each trick. They didn’t actually have sex with the men but that’s what they called them, tricks. Everyone on the outside was afraid to steal because the men could quickly hurt them using the hand of another in the absence of their own. The operation worked well and efficient. They milked each man for as long as he allowed himself to be. Randy found himself a real rich man and he had a plan to take him for much more, this time by force. Randy stumbled across a man who was a writer for a sitcom on a major television network. The gentleman was married with three children, two in college and also a church going man. For anyone to find out his secret life would be devastating. Sweetie, the twenty year-old naive blond haired boy next door promised to never tell but only if he was gentle with him. Randy knew that his words would get the man excited and he looked forward to flying to California to set up his sting. When he got out he bought new clothes and a new car with the scam money. He then emailed his lover to let him know that he had received the ticket. He ended his correspondence with xo xo xo xxx ooo.

The next morning he caught a 7:30am flight from Gary, Indiana to Los Angeles. He showed up by cab at the address left in the email and rang the door bell. A middle aged white man answered the door and Randy’s lips spread into a wide smile as he greeted the man.

“Here’s sweetie!”

Randy laughed hysterically as the man stood looking confused. Randy knew he had a big score this time; he couldn’t wait to get back to Gary with his booty.

“Now you’re going to invite me inside and give me what I want because I don’t think you want your wife to find out about Sweetie do you?”

The man stepped aside and Randy walked by him and into the house. He plopped down on the couch, put his feet up on the coffee table and patted the spot next to him. The man cautiously sat down beside him and seemed to prepare himself for the worst.

“Now kind sir, I would like it kindly if you get your shit together so that we can drive down to the nearest branch of your bank and withdraw twenty-five thousand dollars. I don’t think that you want to cross me because your wife, boss and family will know about your secret life. And, if that doesn’t keep your mouth shut then…”

Randy pulled a snub nose 38 special from his waistband and pointed it at the man. He felt in total control of the situation.

“Now, this won’t be necessary now will it?”

The man looked terrified as he answered Randy’s question meekly.

“No, not at all.”

Randy’s face took on a look of disgust at the sight of the man’s weakness; he felt like raping him but he had to remain focused.

“Now get yo’ ass up so we can go, right now goddamn it. Now bitch! Now!”

The man hustled to his feet and Randy pushed him in the back of his head towards the door and then punched him in the kidney. Randy was careful not to touch the man too much for fear of setting himself off on a violent binge. Touching the man’s soft fleshy body made Randy want to cut and bite him before sodomizing and beating him. Randy’s victim turned the doorknob and stepped outside with Randy close behind prodding him along. They were halfway down the walk way headed towards the garage when Randy could no longer control himself; he slapped the man from behind in his right ear. It was hard enough to sting really bad but not hard enough to bruise before they got to the bank. The gentleman yelled out in pain and asked “why” as Randy smiled and became erect at the sight of his pain. Just then he was tackled to the ground by three police men and hand cuffed. It was a set up. Apparently gay activist and rights groups were investigating these scams for some time. They finally convinced local authorities to help in bringing the criminals to justice and shutting down their operation. The group used their own money to purchase the crook’s ticket. Randy’s whole crew was rounded up, inside and outside of prison after he testified against them. Randy is now at home in prison with his real life Sweetie, Scoop where he will spend most of the rest of his natural life.

Swindling Sweetie


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