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Patience Pays Never give up on love //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Happy Newlyweds in Front of Mansion


Cruising around the lake in my C240 with sunroof open and windows down I enjoy the lake’s breeze and vibe to old school hip hop beats off my satellite radio. Bobbing my head and mouthing every word to the classic songs of my youth, I gazed over Lake Orlando taking in the Florida wildlife and remarking to myself just how lucky I am. I’ve never been happier in my life and it’s all because of her love. My life for the most part has been full of pain but I would gladly live it three times over just to experience the overpowering joy I feel at this moment. I’m so blessed, thanking God everyday for sending me one of his angels. The wait has been long and hard but the journey has been very educational. This extensive excursion was necessary for me to truly appreciate what it is I have now.

I remember the first time I saw her and what a beautiful sight she was. My lady has the sweetest lips, thick and full. She’s a non-smoker so her lips are still supple and pink at age twenty-six. Skin so soft lacking a single blemish is what my lady possesses. Her eyes shine bright; she has the look of being alert and aware at all times. I am not exactly sure of her actual eye color; she’s told me before but it was some color that I’ve never heard of before so it didn’t stick. I just know that her eyes are the same shade as her silky skin and just as addictive to me. She changes her hairstyle often; my lady is careful not to get in a rut. Her lovely face comes equipped with the cutest dimples, a clever cleft in her chin and a properly positioned beauty mark above her upper lip on the right. That’s the place on her face that I love to kiss the most. My baby is so sweet that I could just eat her up!

Appreciation for my lover’s beauty is evident in the flattering way I describe her facial features. Unfortunately we didn’t meet face to face initially. You see, I didn’t see her from the front first; I actually noticed her from the back and what a back it was. I love her dearly so I would never speak about her body in a vulgar manner. With that being said I must admit that she is a brick house; I’m so damned lucky. Her waist must be like twenty-five or six inches and she has a wash board stomach. Her thighs and calves are strong from years of running track and hours spent in the gym. I have never seen a more perfect bottom on a woman in my life. I am very much a butt man and hers is thick, round and tight. She has nice shapely hips and not an ounce of flab. Her arms are tight but feminine and her breast more than a hand full, perky and firm. She is just gorgeous from head to toe but her greatest blessing is her beautiful and loving soul. Her hand in marriage, I will ask for today; I pray she will accept.

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